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New found channels in Newfoundland


N3 3: Newfoundland

I had an early morning swim across to Newfoundland, landing just east of Channel-Port Aux Basques.

So I made my way over to the picturesque town, and had a brekkie of eggs and toast, and hot coffee.

Refreshed and energised I then made my way up to Fleur de Leys, for a good view of the Labrador Sea. I didn’t see any Labradors though, and don’t know if I scared them away or what?

I then headed back down south, to Harbour Breton, which is to the east of Channel-Port Aux Basques, and just as nice in my view. It was really nice and quiet during the whole journey, and I was able to let my mind wander.

After an afternoon and evening spent cavorting in and around Harbour Breton I made my way back up to Channel-Port Aux Basques before nightfall, so I would be ready to swim to Prince Edward Island in the morning.


Super Nova Scotia


N3 2: Nova Scotia

I travelled down to Halifax in Nova Scotia overland, and there was something about that name, Halifax, that reminded me of something in my past; a past I cannot remember before waking in British Columbia.

After breakfast in Halifax I travelled north overland, and then across the sea to Cape Bretton Island. It was a lovely swim, if a little on the chilly side.

I made it to Sydney for lunch, which also reminded me of my past somehow, and ended up staying there for the rest of the day. It was very pleasant, with Newfoundland visible across the bay.

I would reach there the next day, after first stopping off on Prince Edward Island.

New bathing in Bathurst, New Brunswick.


N3 1: New Brunswick

I hit New Brunswick in the morning, after swimming over from Quebec. Bathurst was my first stop, and I had a nice breakfast there, before crossing overland to Fredericton and then on the road to Moncton. I ended the day in Monctor, relieved that New Brunswick wasn’t as big as the Basmoq provinces, and my paws had a bit of a rest.

Nova Scotia lay over the border, and I looked forward to reaching there the next day.

Quintessential Quebec


Basmoq 6: Quebec

Crossing into Quebec I first travelled south cross-country to Montreal, and then up to Quebec City, where I lunched on the waterfront.

After a post-lunch dip in the briny, it was east to Riv-du-loop. I thought about heading straight to New Brunswick from there, but I had time, and I was enjoying Quebec, so I continued up around the horn to Rimouski and Gaspe, before resting on the eastern border.

I had reached the end of my travels across Basmoq, and would enter N3 the next day.

On to Ontario


Basmoq 5: Ontario

I had a water stop at Kenora, and then travelled as fast as my paws would take me to Thunder Bay, where I had a long relaxing lunch at the waterfront. Reinvigorated and replenished, I swam across to Nipigeon, and then ran like the wind to Marathon, and from there down to Wawa. Then it was west again to Sault Ste Marie, with Wisconsin just across the lake. I had supper there, as the sun set across the lake, with the colours reflecting off the lake leaving a lasting impression on me. Then I took the road to Sudbury, before travelling cross-country to North Bay. I ended up sleeping there, with the last leg of Basmoq over the border. The next day I would reach Quebec.

Mooching through Manitoba


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Basmoq 4: Manitoba

After crossing into Manitoba I travelled straight down to Dauphin. There was a straight road through Manitoba, but I had time, so I decided to travel up to the lakes for a proper look at Manitoba. So I headed north, through some great scenery, to Le Pas and then Flin Flon, which bordered Saskatchewan; I thought it was quite ironic that I’d been travelling all day and was back on the border! But I’d seen some great scenery, so I had no regrets.

From Flin Flon I travelled through some beautiful countryside as I travelled alongside Lake Winnipeg to Grand Rapids, and down to Winnipeg. I ate supper in Winnipeg before setting off again, hoping to reach the border with Ontario by dusk.

Reaching water again told me I’d succeeded, and I slept well under a full moon.

I used to plan my journey.

Socialising with Sasquatches in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Basmoq 3: Saskatchewan

You know how it is when you haven’t met someone, and you don’t know if you’re going to get along; well, that’s exactly how I felt as I crossed from Alberta into Saskatchewan.

And not only was I entering the unknown; it was for a meeting with the Sasquatches. Now, I was as ignorant about these creatures as you probably are, having only seen grainy pictures of them on television and in magazines or newspapers. You know, their cousins looked pretty nice in Bigfoot and the Hendersons, but you don’t know if Hollywood is providing an accurate picture do you; am I right or what? And even if Bigfoots are nice, does that mean Sasquatches are too.

Well, anyway, I digress. Back to the road trip. Crossing the border I passed through Swift Current to Moose Jaw, where I stopped for lunch; not on moose jaws or anything of course, being a veggie. From there I cut across above Regina, and was going to head straight into Manitoba, but then got the invite from the Sasquatches to tea in Saskatoon. To tell you the truth I could have done without it, as I was already weary from the day’s journey, but I kind of felt obliged to accept, as it’s not every day you get an invite from a fellow mythical creature; and there’s not many of us left in the world you know.

So up I went, travelling north through unspoilt countryside, until suddenly in the distance I could see about a dozen sasquatches with a big ‘Welcome GreenyGrey’ sign on a hill. It was great to see after a hard day’s travelling, and I headed over in their direction. And what can I say about the evening, it was just superb; they put on a great feast for me, and we drank and danced all night long. I’m telling you, Big Foot and the Hendersons doesn’t do them justice as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I ended up staying over although I hadn’t intended to, and it was with a heavy heart that I bade farewell to the sasquatch village in the morning. The evening had invigorated a jaded greenygrey, and I made good time in the morning. After passing through Yorkton I was on the Manitoba border by lunchtime; would I ever return to Saskatchewan or see the sasquatches again? I certainly hoped so.

For my travels in Canada I used the maps at:

Greeny Grey rambles across Alberta


Basmoq 2: Alberta

Crossing into Alberta I first stopped at Grand Prairie, which looked nice under clear blue skies, before heading down to Jasper and Banff for some good mountain action; yes it was great to get amongst the trees and snow once more, running and rolling about like a bear cub! Then I skirted around the edge of Calgary, and on to Medicine Hat on the eastern edge of the province.

Goodbye Alberta, hello Saskatchewan.

The GreenyGrey starts to ramble on


Basmoq 1: British Columbia

I awoke in Victoria on Vancouver Island, hungry and hazy. I swam and I swam, through icy waters towards snow-capped mountains visible on the distant horizon. At times it looked as if they would never come closer, that I would swim for eternity without reaching them, but eventually I did reach land at Vancouver. After drying myself off in the sun, and feeding on fine fruit and verdant vegetables I travelled north to William’s Lake, Prince George, and the eastern edge of British Columbia at Dawson’s Creek.