Mooching through Manitoba


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Basmoq 4: Manitoba

After crossing into Manitoba I travelled straight down to Dauphin. There was a straight road through Manitoba, but I had time, so I decided to travel up to the lakes for a proper look at Manitoba. So I headed north, through some great scenery, to Le Pas and then Flin Flon, which bordered Saskatchewan; I thought it was quite ironic that I’d been travelling all day and was back on the border! But I’d seen some great scenery, so I had no regrets.

From Flin Flon I travelled through some beautiful countryside as I travelled alongside Lake Winnipeg to Grand Rapids, and down to Winnipeg. I ate supper in Winnipeg before setting off again, hoping to reach the border with Ontario by dusk.

Reaching water again told me I’d succeeded, and I slept well under a full moon.

I used to plan my journey.


About Marc Latham

The Folding Mirror poetry form emerged from the haiku structure in 2007, and the first published poem by Marc Latham was in January 2008. Caroline Gill clarified the form in 2010, while Wendy Webb and the Norfolk Poets have been very supportive in publishing and publicising the form. Claire Knight and Sarah James have also been instrumental in the form's evolution.

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