Where’s the prince? And another thing…


After a bit of a lie-in, I swam back across the Labrador sea in the morning, arriving on an eastern beach of Prince Edward Island by noon. I felt something nipping at my heels as I swam, and thought it might be some labradors finally making their presence felt.

On the way I passed the eastern tip of Nova Scotia, and remembered my time spent in that province only a few days previously.

I kind of expected a royal welcome upon arrival on Prince Edward Island, but there was no-one to be seen. Not even a lord or lady. I guess they must have been on some visit or other. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t just a tad disappointed.

So I made my way over to Charlottetown, and guess what, there was no Charlotte to be seen. By this time I was highly vexed, and just sat in the park for a while, trying to get my head around it. No Prince Edward, no royalty, no Charlotte, what kind of an island is this?

Well, to cut a long story short, I couldn’t get my head around it, and was so disappointed I decided to return to Newfoundland that afternoon.

So I decided to get the heck out of there. I swam out into the Atlantic Ocean, and was enjoying the icy waters so much I decided to head straight for Nunavut.

Leaving behind the provinces, I would land in the territories the next day.


About Marc Latham

The Folding Mirror poetry form emerged from the haiku structure in 2007, and the first published poem by Marc Latham was in January 2008. Caroline Gill clarified the form in 2010, while Wendy Webb and the Norfolk Poets have been very supportive in publishing and publicising the form. Claire Knight and Sarah James have also been instrumental in the form's evolution.

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