Monthly Archives: April 2008

Nay bras here in Nebraska


US 16: Nebraska

Crossing into Nebraska I preferred to stay to the west of the state, preferring the dry arid conditions to the more humid ones I felt coming from the east.

Like Kansas, Nebraska is in tornado alley so I kept an eye out for them again; didn’t see any, so thankful for that.

After taking lunch on the North Platte river I headed into the Wildcat Hills, but didn’t see any wildcats about; saw some hills though!

I kept travelling through the Great Plains all afternoon, and camped on the border with South Dakota.

There had been no great events in Nebraska, and maybe that’s the way it is there; just quiet living, and good travelling.


Can suss in Kansas


US 15: Kansas

Crossing into Kansas I became apprehensive; having seen the Wizard of Oz several times I knew there was danger in this state.

After crossing the Red Hills I dodged Dodge City, as I’ve also seen Tombstone; I know Wyatt Earp’s supposed to have cleaned it up, but you never know!

I reached the Smoky River for lunch, and had some delicious smoked red hot chili peppers under the bridge; I’d earlier picked them in the Red Hills.

I made my way into the Smoky Hills afterwards, and was going to head west, but after seeing a twister approaching in the distance I sussed out that I should head east.

So I changed direction, and an hour later I saw the tornado pass to the east.

The hills were beautiful, and I slept well knowing I’d escaped danger and been able to see some beautiful scenery.

Ok la homa in Oklahoma


U.S.A 14: Oklahoma

Crossing into Oklahoma via the Wichita Mountains I made good progress during the morning, and got up to the Canadian River for what I think is commonly termed a brunch.

Being near the Canadian River brought back memories of the early stages of my epic journey, and I revelled in my nostalgia for an hour or two.

I got so into my Canadian memories that I jumped in the river after lunch, and swam northwards for as long as possible.

After getting back on land I ran up to Buffalo. I was trying to avoid people if possible, but this friendly person who seemed a little insecure shouted out to me ‘Whaddaya you think of mi homa?’

I don’t know why they asked, as their home seemed fine, so I answered ‘Ok la homa’.

They seemed really pleased at this, and bade me farewell after wishing me a safe journey.

I continued up to the Kansas border, and had a great sleep knowing I’d done a good deed for the day.

Tech us in Texas


US 13: Texas

To get to Texas from Colorado I first had to travel through New Mexico again, which was quite enjoyable anyway.

I reached Texas in time for a bit of brekkie, and then started making my way eastwards across the plains and prairies.

I was just getting into my stride the other side of Amarillo when I saw a big cattle drive ahead. I knew I was in trouble, as it stretched across the horizon, and there didn’t seem any way around it even for a mythical legend like me.

So, I just kept going until reaching the outer edge of the drive. A cowboy called me over and said ‘Are you the ones who’ve been interfering with our communications?’

I think he must have been seeing double or something, or maybe it was my greenygrey coat that confused him, but I just ignored that and said ‘Tech us; I think you’ve got the wrong werewolves, we didn’t even know you cowboys had gone hi-tech!’

He seemed happy with that and waved us, I mean me, on.

There were no more interruptions, and we, I mean I, made it over to the Red River just above Wichita by nightfall.

Yes, it’d been an eventful day in the big country, but I was looking forward to a calmer passage through Oklahoma the next day.