Ok la homa in Oklahoma


U.S.A 14: Oklahoma

Crossing into Oklahoma via the Wichita Mountains I made good progress during the morning, and got up to the Canadian River for what I think is commonly termed a brunch.

Being near the Canadian River brought back memories of the early stages of my epic journey, and I revelled in my nostalgia for an hour or two.

I got so into my Canadian memories that I jumped in the river after lunch, and swam northwards for as long as possible.

After getting back on land I ran up to Buffalo. I was trying to avoid people if possible, but this friendly person who seemed a little insecure shouted out to me ‘Whaddaya you think of mi homa?’

I don’t know why they asked, as their home seemed fine, so I answered ‘Ok la homa’.

They seemed really pleased at this, and bade me farewell after wishing me a safe journey.

I continued up to the Kansas border, and had a great sleep knowing I’d done a good deed for the day.


About Marc Latham

The Folding Mirror poetry form emerged from the haiku structure in 2007, and the first published poem by Marc Latham was in January 2008. Caroline Gill clarified the form in 2010, while Wendy Webb and the Norfolk Poets have been very supportive in publishing and publicising the form. Claire Knight and Sarah James have also been instrumental in the form's evolution.

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