Memories of the travelling so far


So having reached the last state in the western half of the USA we have now worked out a way to memorise where I’ve been.

Travelling from west to east the first six provinces of Canada can be remembered as BASMOQ: that’s British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

Then the next four provinces of Canada are: N3+PEI. That’s New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia making up the Ns, and Prince Edward Island.

Then there are the three territories of Canada that travelling east to west can be remembered as N2Y: that’s Nunavut and Northwest Territories making up the Ns, and then the Yukon.

Crossing into the USA we have the two non-contigous states that can be remembered as HA or even AH if you prefer; that’s Hawaii and Alaska.

Then the four western states of the USA can be remembered as WONC: that’s Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California.

Next, in the north of the USA we have WIM: that’s Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, going in a clockwise direction from the south-east.

Below them are the four corner states of the USA: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. Together they make up the fishy sounding CUNA.

Then we have six states that conveniently go from north to south in a straight line down the middle of the USA, and together they make up the acronym type ropey word D2KNOT: that’s North and South Dakota making up the D2, followed by Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas forming the KNOT.

So there we have our journey so far, all neatly summarised in a few words!


About Marc Latham

The Folding Mirror poetry form emerged from the haiku structure in 2007, and the first published poem by Marc Latham was in January 2008. Caroline Gill clarified the form in 2010, while Wendy Webb and the Norfolk Poets have been very supportive in publishing and publicising the form. Claire Knight and Sarah James have also been instrumental in the form's evolution.

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