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Greenygrey’s next route


Having finished the WIIM, TKO, MAG and F leg of the journey, it’s time to plan out the next acronym segment.

I have decided to travel to C2+V2 next, which is probably more of an equation than an acronym; c’est la vie: anyway, it stands for South and North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

I think that will leave only 16 states in the north-east of the US, and I hope you will be along to finish the journey off with me.


Floor rider in Florida



When is an acronym not an acronym? Maybe when there’s only one letter? I didn’t have time to work out if one letter can constitute an acronym, because I was heading down to Florida, and at the end of a long and epic journey I thought it was time to hit the BEACH!

So I swam through beautiful seas down to the Florida coast; I of course chameleonised my fur into a gorgeous turquoise and azure number, and this helped me avoid any shark bovver. Although sharks are not usually any problem anyway, and have nearly as much right to life as wolves.

I hitched a lift on a space shuttle leaving Cape Canaveral, and got off above Jupiter; Jupiter a little further down the coast that is, not the Jupiter near Saturn off in outer space.

Then I swam through more tropical waters to Hollywood City, and thought I was back on the west coast for a while. I headed inland after that, and crossed the Everglades; fascinating, but a bit dodgy with all those reptiles.

I was crossing a path, when an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake asked who I was; after I explained that I was the Greenygrey, and travelling across North America by land, air and sea, it said it was called Ernie, and it only rode the floor. We talked a little more after that, but nothing important enough to document here, before I headed back to the BEACH.

I swam out to Marathon on the Florida Keys, before ending my Florida journey at Key West, where I celebrated with some lime pie; it only needed a bit of grey to be really fitting!

Georgier in Georgia


MAG 3: Georgia

Crossing the border into the third and final state of MAG, I headed over to Atlanta for a look, and ended up being chased by a CNN news crew, who thought a greenygrey werewolf in town was quite an exclusive. Luckily, my chameleon powers came in handy, and I was able to elude being captured on film; we’re better at that sort of thing than those Bigfoots!

Then I headed down to Peachtree City for a lunch of peaches, and I must say I do dig those Georgia peaches.

Georgia was an old British colony, and I entered into a conversation with a local about what royal name they like the best, and it met a response of ‘In Georgia, we prefer George’.

I then headed south-west to La Grange, where there was a band singing about sharp dressed men, legs, tush, and requesting all our loving. Two members of the band had big long beards, so they looked kind of wolfish, in a gray wolf kind of way.

I then continued south to Lake Seminole, before heading east to the Okefenokee Swamp. It was a bit of a perilous trek through the swamp, with many gators and snakes around, but through diplomacy and camouflage I managed it, and emerged on the east coast of the state and country after a few hours.

I slept the night in Brunswick, which reminded me of New Brunswick, where I had previously camped on the Atlantic east coast, only then in Canada. I’d covered a lot of miles since then, travelling from east to west across Canada, and west to east across the US, so I slept well after a bit of contemplation.

I’ll a balm ‘er in Alabama


MAG 2: Alabama

Crossing into Alibami, umm, I mean Alabama, I heard some music which sounded ghostly but great; something about sweet home alabama.

It got my pace up alright, and I reached Florence for brekkie; it was served by a very nice woman carrying a lamp for some reason.

I continued east after polishing it all off; at times running and at other times taking a dip in the Tennessee River.

But then I saw a sign for Huntsville, and thought I’d better avoid it, so I started heading south.

I reached Jasper, near Birmingham, by lunchtime, and had carrots to eat.

I headed down to Greenville and Evergreen after sleeping my lunch off, before reaching the Gulf of Mexico at Mobile Bay.

It was so nice to be beside the seaside that I became quite sedentary, but after reminding myself I was in Mobile, I became mobile again, and started heading east towards Georgia.

On the way to the border I came across a female gator that looked in pain. When I enquired what was the matter, she said she had a sore leg, so I brought out some gilead balm I had from earlier in the trip, and applied it to the painful leg. It seemed to do the trick, and it was off swimming through the swamps in no time.

I reached the border with Georgia by nightfall, and slept well despite the humidity.

Mrs Hippy in Mississippi


MAG 1: Mississippi

Having woken up from my TKO sleep I felt refreshed, and it took me no time at all to change into an eagle and fly down to Mississippi for the start of my journey through MAG.

Landing in the Mississippi River I made my way to Greenville, where I seemed to fit in splendidly; well, half of me anyway!

After a cabbage, broccoli and zucchini greeny brekkie I left Greenville and headed south.

I made good progress along the flat humid land, and it wasn’t long before I reached Hattiesburg. As I was passing along the outskirts a woman made polite conversation, and I asked if she was born in Mississippi. She said no, she had been single and very straight-laced in the early 1960s, but then she met a hippy at Woodstock, got married to him and moved down to Mississippi with him.

It was an interesting story, and I could’ve listened to her all day, but I had rambling to do myself, so I set off again after bidding Mrs Hippy farewell.

I reached Biloxi, by nightfall, and joined the Mississippi Sea Wolves ice hockey team after receiving an invitation. It was great to spend some good wolf time with a few of the lads again, even if sea wolves aren’t that closely related to greenygreys.

We could make ourselves understood, and as we share a similar sense of humour it made for a wonderful night. They aren’t as fierce as they look, and put me up for the night after I’d had a little too much to drink.
Cheers Sea Wolves, and good luck next season!

O, hi O in Ohio


TKO 3: Ohio

I crossed the Ohio River, from Covington in Kentucky to Cincinnati in Ohio. I had brekkie while listening to Dr. Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinnati.

Then I made my way up to Beavercreek for brunch with the beavers at the creek.

After saying farewell to the beavers I travelled through Springfield, where a family of yellow people were very friendly and funny. They said they’d give me a lift up to Columbus, but then the son wound the father up, and he crashed into a ditch while trying to reach behind to swipe him; it was a bit of a nightmare, but also funny when the father exclaimed ‘Doh!’ and the son ran off laughing.

I continued by foot, and made good progress along the flat wide open farmland that makes up much of the state.

I stopped for supper in Lima, which has a South American feel to it. A beautiful red bird landed near me and introduced itself as O the Cardinal. I was taken aback by its radiance, and was a little brangled; you know, when your brain’s in a tangle. I eventually just blurted out ‘O hi O’. O was very friendly though, and we shared some buckeyes while having a good chat.

After saying adios to O I continued north until reaching Cleveland. I slept on the beach there, on the shores of Lake Erie. However, I didn’t sleep for a while, as there was something eerie about the place.

So I took some sleeping pills and they knocked me out; it brought my journey through TKO to a fitting end.

Can Turkey in Kentucky


TKO 2: Kentucky

Landing in the Wolf River and meeting Howlin’ Wolf in Tennessee gave me an appetite for finding wolfy names and creatures, so I planned my Kentucky rambles along those lines.

First, I headed up to the Wolf Hills in Henderson County, and had lunch with some wolf spiders. They aren’t very good looking creatures, but they are harmless, and quite friendly once you get to know them.

Then I headed up to Wolf Creek in Meade County, and had a relaxing few hours lounging and swimming while my food settled.

Wolfe County was next, and then I crossed the Licking River and Cave Run Lake up to Wolf in Carter County. It was nice to run through the rolling hills and bluegrass.

While I was there I came across some wild turkeys, which have been successfully reintroduced to the state after going extinct, dancing to bluegrass music. They bet me I couldn’t dance like a turkey, but I soon got into a good rhythm, and they had to admit that I can turkey.

Then I made my way up to the Ohio River, and slept on its southern bank.

Tennisy in Tennessee


TKO 1: It’s technically knock out

Leaving the Michigan rim, I shapeshifted into an eagle and flew down to Memphis, Tennessee. I landed in the Wolf River of course, and went downtown for some brekkie.

I heard some howling coming out of a restaurant, and thought I recognised the voice, and when I entered it was none other than Howlin’ Wolf; I realised I must have time-travelled back to the 50s or 60s without realising it when I flew down.

I left Memphis on the Blues Highway, and travelled up to Nashville. As I passed through I heard Dolly Parton singing ‘Coat of Many Colours’, and thought she must have been speaking about me.

Then I fancied a break from running so I caught a train down to Chattanooga, before heading up into the Appalachians. It was great to be up in the mountains again, and I made good progress up to the north-east of the state.

I passed through Newport to Bristol, and entered into a conversation about a strange game they were playing there. I thought it was kind of golfy, but my acquaintance thought it was more tennisy.

After leaving the game behind I rested up on the border with Kentucky, the second stage of my travel through TKO.

Midgee gun in Michigan?


WIIM 4: Michigan

I crossed into Michigan, the Wolverine State, from Indiana; I felt like a wolf amongst wolverines, and I guess I was.

Heading north through the mitten shaped land mass that makes up the southern territory of Michigan I felt I fitted into Michigan like a glove, and was enjoying my morning ramble.

Passing through Kalamazoo there was a great deal of noise, with many people blowing into a strangely shaped musical instrument.

I headed east from there, and reached Detroit for lunch. I travelled back in time there to witness a historic performance by legendary group, Kiss, who were so impressed by the city’s people that they penned the song, Detroit Rock City.

Then I headed north-west, but the epic journey was starting to take its toll on my poor paws, so I bought a car in Pontiac and drove from there.

However, the car wasn’t as luxurious as I wanted, so I exchanged it for another one in Cadillac, and travelled in style from there up to Alpena; where I lunched on Muesli.

After that I swam from the eastern side of the lower territory to the south of the northern territory, via Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, and through the Mackinac Strait that divides the two peninsulas.

I had to barter with some trolls on the mitten peninsula to pass through the strait; they live under the bridge that spans the Mackinac

From there I was drawn like a magnet to Iron Mountain and Iron Wood, before resting up on the north of the peninsula, and the shores of Lake Superior; I once again felt humbled.

It was a beautiful setting, and with fruit and berries in abundance I had a wonderful evening, and felt content and proud to have completed my journey around WIIM. The only downer was that there were loads of midgees, and I felt like I could have done with a midgee gun!

However, that was only a slight drawback, and once I’d got the campfire going they soon abated. I felt so at home in such an idyllic setting, and so euphoric about having another accomplishment under my greenygrey belt, that I started singing a song; thankfully nobody could hear me, as I’m a bit tone deaf! It went something like this:

Home, home on the WIIM,
I came here on a whim,
To the Lake Michigan rim,
I love travelling by acronym.

I hope you enjoy it as much I did.

Thanks to Wikipedia for providing great info on Michigan, and most of the other stuff that’s helped my rambles on their way:

Indy Anna in Indiana


WIIM 3: Indiana

Crossing the border into Indiana in the morning I headed over to Lafayette, as its the home town of Axl Rose and Izzy Straddlin of Guns n’ Roses, one of my favourite human bands. Wolfmother are my top wolf group.

From there I headed south, drawn by some magnetic force towards the Angel Mounds State Historic Site near Evansville. I felt at home there, and had lunch on the prehistoric Native American site.

Travelling north in the afternoon I saw a load of horses, colts I think, and fast cars as I passed Indianapolis.

I had a bit of a swim in the Wabash when I reached it, but got into a little trouble. Lo and behold, who was there to rescue me, but the Anna that I’d met in Louisiana. After she’d pulled me out of the fast-flowing river I thanked her and asked how she was doing and where Louise was. She said that’s fine, she was doing great, and her and Louise had gone in different directions for a while to do some independent travelling.

I thanked her again before heading further north, and slept just north of Elkhart. I, of course, didn’t eat any elk-heart being a veggie.