Mass o’ Chew Sets in Massachusetts


MR.C 1: Massachusetts

Having made a diversion from my original plans by travelling to N2 instead of MR.C I now had to get myself back on track, with no land border between New Jersey and Massachusetts.

So I shape-shifted into a buzzard and flew up to Lowell; I chose a buzzard as I knew I’d be passing through Buzzards Bay air space, and didn’t want to ruffle the buzzards’ feathers so to speak. The buzzards were glad to see me, and gave me an escort through their territory. I appreciated their hospitality, and their company broke up the flight.

After landing in 1940s Lowell I visited the childhood home of my favourite author, Jack Kerouac, whose travel narratives influenced my rambles. We had a bit of a chat and a beer, and entered into a conversation about writing and travelling experiences and tips. I don’t think my advice really influenced his later writing, but I like to think my support gave him some inspiration.

Leaving Lowell I time-travelled back into the 21st century, and nearly got knocked down by a fast modern automobile. I got back into the swing of the new age after that, and made it down to Boston in time for tea.

I bit into something a bit tough while eating, and thought I might need some false teeth for a while. I asked a passing leprachaun if he knew where there might be a dentist, and he said there was one with a mass o’ chew sets around the corner. I thanked him, and set off for it, but by the time I arrived the pain had passed, and my need for new chewers had passed.

I fancied a swim after the flight and run, so I shape-shifted into a cod and swam down Cape Cod Bay to Nantucket Sound, which was quite noisy. Then I met up with the buzzards again, and we finished the day off drinking wine in Martha’s Vineyard. We toasted Massachusetts and Kerouac, and wished each other good times on the road and in the air.


About Marc Latham

The Folding Mirror poetry form emerged from the haiku structure in 2007, and the first published poem by Marc Latham was in January 2008. Caroline Gill clarified the form in 2010, while Wendy Webb and the Norfolk Poets have been very supportive in publishing and publicising the form. Claire Knight and Sarah James have also been instrumental in the form's evolution.

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