Grey Starts to Ramble Across Australia in the South West


Hi everybody. It’s Grey here, although I’ve rebranded myself as oniongreyv for this ramble to hide my identity from the GCG and celebrate one of my favourite foods. Regular readers of the Greenygrey will know me by now, but for those who don’t, you can catch up on my story from the links to your left. To cut a long story short, I’m one half of a legendary werewolf that rambled across North America before becoming Britain’s most celebritious werewolf via reality television. Then, after my sudden elevation to legendary status came before a fall, the Greenygrey was divided into Green and Grey by the shadowy Grand Council of the Greenygrey (GCG). I, Grey, have been sent to Australia, and this is my travel diary.

Dingo Leads Barking in Mount Barker

I arrived on Mount Barker, and was met by the very welcoming sound of dogs barking. A big crowd of dogs had turned out to greet me, and it was great to have some company again. They gave me a wine and apples banquet within a wildflower glade.

I had missed Green on the journey over, and the limey lobo’s ways to brighten me up, but I now felt that the anxiety I’d felt was unnecessary, and that things were going to turn out okay.

Aussie of Denmark

A friendly dingo called Digger escorted me through the town, and sent me off in the direction of Denmark. Denmark seemed a nice liberal place, and an Australian Shepherd called Aussie gave me a guide for Australia’s South West that I found very useful. It said that it had arrived from overseas as well, so it wasn’t a natural Australian, but is now known as an Aussie. Aussie took me down to Greens Pool, and that of course brought back memories of Green, and especially our pool swims.

Wombat of Walpole

It was already afternoon when I bade Digger goodbye and set off north-west. I had a lovely ramble through 400 year old red and yellow tingle trees, and by evening I’d reached Walpole.

I’d got a bit bored with my wolf features along the way, so had changed into an Australian animal, and it was quite fortunate as it turned out.

Because after arriving in Walpole I made the acquaintance of a very distinguished old Wombat; and guess what animal I’d shapeshifted into? Yes, if you guessed wombat you’d be right.

My new wombat friend introduced itself as Vombatus Ursinus, but said I could call it Vombat. It was a muscular little animal with strong short legs hidden by a nice long coat, and had a quaint habit of twitching its nose when it spoke.

Vombat provided a great vegetarian spread, and we continued talking and feasting until late in the evening. I didn’t mention meeting Digger, as wombats and dingoes don’t get on too well. Vombat the Wombat invited me to stay the night in its burrow bungalow, and I was only too happy to accept the invitation.

Travel is a Funny Old Activity

Before I dropped off to sleep I thought what a funny old activity travel is. I’d started the day reluctant to leave Green, and unsure of what lay ahead for me, but I’d had a wonderful day, and met many great new friends along the way.

I’ll try and update you on my ramble early next week, so have a great weekend!


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