Margaret River Western Australia Whale Sharks


Vombat sent me off with a good brekkie, and I started my second day on the road in high spirits. The sea looked serene, so I entered and shapeshifted into a whale shark to swim up the coast. It took me a while to get into their massive size, so I was flapping around on the surface for a while, looking half whale and half wombat.

Meeting Margaret Rivers in Margaret River

I got into the flow after a while and enjoyed swimming with a genus of whale sharks that were passing my way: Winona, Walter, Wendy, William and Dweezil made me feel right at home, and Dweezil was good laugh in an oddball way. They travelled quite slowly, but it meant I could see more of the nice coral and fish under the water.

We reached Margaret River by tea time, and Margaret Rivers was there to welcome me as I changed into human form to emerge onto the beach like Ursula Andress in the James Bond film Dr. No. Well, after I’d shaken myself out of a side fin I’d forgotten about anyway.

Margaret said she was the long lost sister of famous American comedienne, Joan Rivers, but Joan was not aware of her. She said she had been listening to some whale sound audio, and heard that I was on my way.

She showed me around Margaret River, which is a very nice post-surfie community, and then took me home for a feast of a supper. She also let me use her computer, and I was delighted to see that Green had read my previous blog and relayed it on to readers of the Greenygrey website and blog.

My whale shark companions sent some greetings our way not long before going to bed, as they made their return journey, and their relaxing melodies guaranteed me a good night’s kip.


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