Grey’s Anatomy Plot Exposed by Collie Twins’ Sensitive Sniffing Scrutinous Security


The town of Collie came into view through the hazy heat, and the sound of barking dogs grew louder. I thought I’d take the hint and shapeshift into a collie, and chose a border guise from a surprisingly large choice. Grey’s anatomy changed to black and white.

Famous Collies on the Edge of Town

As I reached Collie a shetland sheepdog carrying a lassie over his shoulder ran past me as if he was rushing to save somebody or something.

A border collie then flew over my head, which I thought was as unlikely as seeing pigs fly. Green and I did not try becoming a flying collie even when our unified powers were at their height .

Meeting the Collie Twins: Colin and Ollie

Then I reached the edge of Collie, and met a couple of dogs guarding the town entrance.

They asked who I might be, and I replied that I was a border collie, as it should be plain to see. And who may they be, I did respondee.

The one with a beard said they were Colin and Ollie McNab: respected and renowned around these parts as the Collie twins.

They said their good mother was an Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog collie, and their now dearly departed proud father was part McNab Shepherd collie and part Bearded collie.

I said it was my pleasure to make their acquaintance.

They apologised for putting me under scrutiny, but explained that Collie was a big bun-mining town, and supplied Bunbury with most of its buns.

The gift of a veritable bun goldmine was unfortunately a double-edged sword, with the buns like the centre of a folding mirror, as the bun bonanza also attracted desperados desperate to get their meddlesome mitts on the munchable minerals that are moulded into muffins.

Grey’s Anatomy Plot Exposed

So the Collie twins sniffed around my person with sensitive security. I was a little nervous, and this escalated into panic when Colin asked how long I had been a collie.

I didn’t want to lie to such fine upstanding collies so I explained my situation, and how I had shapeshifted into a collie when I had been drawn in this here direction by the dog barking and then saw that the town was called Collie.

How would the Collie twins take my shapeshifting story. Well, that is another tale good readers…or to be more precise, the end of this one that’ll have to wait until another day…


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