Lassie Comes Home to Save the Day for the Fade to Grey


Collie and Ollie collies whispered amongst themselves, before saying that my story was a little suspicious. They had heard of the legendary Greenygreys, but one hadn’t been seen in these parts for many a century, and they had never heard of one dividing into Green and Grey. I was starting to feel a little nervous, but then the shetland sheepdog I’d seen leaving earlier came home and saved the day.

Lassie Saves the Day

It introduced itself as Lassie, and said it recognised me from I’m A Celebrity Werewolf…Get Me Out of Here, that it’d watched on Werewolf Cable. I then also realised it was the Lassie; the big Hollywood star.

It was great to meet a fellow celebrity out in the outback, and to be saved in a small way by a dog that’d saved so many in its films was like a dream come true, for one half of a werewolf that looked grey but was beginning to feel blue.

Lassie Shows Me Why Collie is Proud of its Colliering

Colin and Ollie relaxed once Lassie had saved the day, and welcomed me to Collie with wagging tails. I shapeshifted back, and slowly faded to Grey. Lassie showed me the way in, and I saw at once how proud Collie is of its colliering.

While many of their buns are exported to Bunbury, they also keep enough to keep Collie fed. So Lassie took me to some of the finest bunneries Collie has to offer, and we feasted on some beautiful buns. I think my favourite was the collar bone collie bun, which was the size and shape of a human collar bone.

In the evening we went to the Bunfields Museum, which showed how buns have been mined in Collie for centuries, and then went out to the Wellington National Park for a great forest and river walk. I was surprised to see it so green, and that of course reminded me of my other half: Green. I hoped it was still okay back home.

My Travel Plans Changed by Lassie

Lassie put me up that night, and also changed my plans. When it asked me where I was heading next I said Perth, but it suggested I pay a visit to the small town of Latham, which it said was quite interesting.

The name reminded me of our ol’ partner, Marc Latham, so I thought I should pay it a visit. It’s funny how your travel plans can change overnight isn’t it.


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