Grey Takes Grey Road to Grey in Western Australia


I picked up some speed after passing Coorow, and headed south-west towards Perth on the Green Head Road: this of course reminded me of my green other half, and I was quite nostalgic as I raced through Western Australia with Latham and Coorow now only memories.

Grey Finds Itself on the Grey Road to Grey

I was making good progress towards the Western Australian capital of Perth when I found myself on the Grey Road to Grey. I’m telling you, you couldn’t make this up!

The Grey Road was nice and grey, just like in Britain, and I had to drop in to the town of course. I was met by another surprise in the town, as there were welcome signs for me everywhere.

One read: ‘The Grey is Great’, while another had the message: ‘The Grey is Veggie Gravy Filled with Fried Onions on Top of Mashed Potato and Veggie Sausages with Cabbage and Carrots.’

Yes, I thought the latter was a bit over the top too, but I appreciated the thought as well.

I was going to continue onto Perth, but they wouldn’t hear of it, and put me up in the greytest grey hotel you could imagine. It’s moments like this that provide the magic of travelling.


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