Don Quixote and Sancho Panza Give Grey Lift from Cervantes


I left Grey in good spirits, and feeling glad to be Grey. I felt like I could whizz down to Perth in no time, but fancied more company, so I started hitch-hiking from Cervantes, which is just above Grey.

A Great Hitch-hiking Lift from Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

I had only stuck out my furry thumb for a minute or two when a beat up camper van pulled up, and a guy shouted out: ‘Hey greyngo, you wanna de lift, come on pronto’.

I needed no more invitation and rushed to the van before hopping in. The driver introduced himself as Sancho Panza, and his more cavalier passenger as Don Quixote.

They said they had been in Cervantes all their lives, so they felt a great relief to be let out into the world.

Jo Brand and Russell Brand Join Us On the Brand Highway

As we headed down the Brand Highway, we saw an odd-looking couple hitching south, so Sancho and Don picked them up as well.

The hitchers introduced themselves as Jo Brand and Russell Brand, and were quite a good laugh. It all made for quite some van load, and vindicated my decision to hitch down to Perth.

Brands with the Badgers in the Badginarra National Park

The Brands got out on the edge of the Badginarra National Park, where they were met by a family of badgers they knew.

The van calmed down a little after that, but was still very jolly, with Don jumping about to some Midnight Oil and Men at Work tracks.

Sights on the Edge of Perth

We passed Cataby, which was full of cats; Orange Springs, which was very orange; and the Moore River National Park, which had less river than I expected.

I don’t know what was going on in Beermullah, and there were all sorts of weird but artistic graffiti paintings in Banksia Grove.

And then we were in Perth, with the space and time having sped by, and many great memories stored in my noggin.

* Hitching can be dangerous.


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