Orlovs of Oz Mouth Meerkat Monotheistic Madness


The storm seemed to be catching up with us, so I shape-shifted into an elephant and with Bonzo hanging on by grasping my lugs flew high over the Kalbarri National Park, which was so beautiful that I regretted not passing through on foot.  The flight gave us a good panoramic view though. 

Dramatic Descent onto Monotonous Monotheist in Meekatharra 

I could see Meekatharra below, but could see no meerkats, and wondered why not, as Barry the Bottle-Nose Dolphin had said there’d be a big community to welcome me there.  All I could see was a single human, who seemed to be ranting. 

The Earth

Image by visiticeland@hotmail.com via Flickr

I tried to brake, but a sudden gush of wind span me out of control, and I descended trunk up, right onto the ranting human. 

The Meerkats Emerge from Hiding 

I felt awful, and Bonzo was distraught.  But then some meerkats emerged from hiding and seemed to start celebrating.  They sang: ‘ding-dong, the monotheist has gone upstairs’. 

A group of Meerkats at Auckland Zoo, New Zealand.

Image via Wikipedia


I was taken aback, and asked what they were so happy about, and a couple emerged as their spokespeople.  Bruce and Shiela Orlov said their family had emigrated from Russia many generations ago, and had set up an idyllic meerkat community amongst the wonderful nature in the area. 

The Monotheistic History 

But then a monotheistic missionary had arrived, and its monotonous mouthings seemed to hypnotise them.  Things also seemed to be improving for a while. 

But before they knew it they had chopped down all the trees to build temples, and polluted the rivers with the Earth‘s debris after mining its riches for decorations the monotheist said were needed to impress and placate its god. 

Then they found out that the monotheist was really trading all their riches, and was growing ever wealthier.  But by then it was too late, and it had grown too strong and powerful to stop. 

Liberation from Lies 

So they felt that Bonzo and I had liberated them from a form of slavery, and that they could hopefully return to living freely with nature, and in time grow out of an irrational fearfulness of some kind of vengeful god, instilled in them by somebody either deluded or power-hungry. 

They said they would still keep the temples now that they had been built, and use the good morals learnt from the monotheist, but they would no longer have to bow down to hypocritical, irrational and prejudiced propaganda.


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