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The Kimberley Hosts Robin Hood Scenery


After the exciting phone call with Green we felt refreshed, and made good progress across the long desert miles in the morning.  We made it to Broome by lunchtime and had a nice dip in Beagle Bay, before a bbq lunch with our  beagle hosts.  Many were recuperating there after surviving smoking tests, and had the odd wheeze and cough.

After bidding the beagles bonjour Del Boy style, on our way out of Broome we saw a broom seller, and Bonzo said we should buy one, as they were going pretty cheaply, and it might come in handy later. 

Then when we got to Fitzroy Crossing, a bull called Fitzroy blocked our way on a log bridge by waving a staff around.  He said: ‘Nobody can cross Fitzroy in daylight’, and challenged us to a duel.

Bonzo exploded into a tirade that was like something out of an AC/DC back catalogue, screaming that he didn’t have time for Beating Around the Bush with a Cold Hearted Man, and said If You Want Blood You Got It before lobbing the broom at Fitzroy.  The broom flew through the air and hit Fitzroy’s eye with a bullseye, knocking him off the log and into the river below.  Bonzo said it sure was Shoot to Thrill and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap were quite fun.

We crossed the river, and a fair maiden welcomed us at the other side.  She said her name was Kimberley, and this land was named after her.  It was not difficult to see the resemblance, and as we passed into what looked like a kind of enchanted wilderness, the scenery was so nice we might have thought we’d arrived in heaven if we believed in those kinds of things.  It was even greenygrey in places. 

Lennard River


Karijini Curry Genie Serves Up Third Anniversary Video Conference with Green

Curry soup

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We reached Karijini by the morning, and fancied a spicy brekkie, so popped into a curry house.  A fellow from a neighbouring town called Tom Price served us up a fine curry.  Bonzo and I were half way through a veggie vindaloo, when a genie emerged from between the pilau and potato and said it could grant us any wish we desired.

Bonzo kindly allowed me to have the wish, and I said I’d like to talk to my other half if possible, the one (half) and only Green.  And the curry genie was as good its word, because by the time we ‘d finished off the colourful kulfi Green was talking to me from the good ol’ UK.  It didn’t seem off colour at all.

It was a wonderful and emotional chat, and we also had time to set up a new Facebook page for our united Greenygrey selves, to commemorate three years of existence.

Newman’s Cool Hand Luke Arresting Performance

The name of God

Image by fdecomite via Flickr

With the Momo East having left, a sudden wave of fresh nature seemed to spring into Meekatharra, and all the meerkats started dancing in the streets.  Bruce and Sheila Orlov said that it had been banned under monotheist rule, and any meerkats caught rebelling against the law, and acting in a natural way, were either burnt or stoned to death.

That seemed a horrendous way for a monotheist to behave, and in the name of God too: more like the Devil!  It made me feel great empathy for the meerkats, and I hoped they would be able to live out their lives in peace from henceforth.

At the end of the day it was time to bid farewell to the meerkats and continue our journey. 

We travelled up to Newman, where a cool looking chap called Luke was being arrested for damaging a fire hydrant.  It looked like he’d been dealt a bad hand in life, but he was still smiling.

Meerkats and Monotheists Mix Makes Mad Morning

A meerkat in the Kalahari Desert

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I was just starting to come to terms with all the events that had befallen me in Meekatharra when another human arrived in a Porcelain pod.  Bursting out it said: ‘Hallelujah, I am the Mildly Monotheistic Moby, and I’m Feeling So RealEverything Was Wrong Here, but now that the Sky Has Broken and the Grey descended, the Monotonous Monotheist must Go, and matters must return to magic for the meerkats of Meekatharra.

Moby, Denmark 2009

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MiMo Moby said I had done a good deed here, and should now take the dust sandy road, which would lead me to the Great Dame of Oz, who should be able to help me in my quest.

 Enter the Monotonous Monotheist of the East

Just as I was getting my hopes up, and a bit of a warm glow, and Bonzo was starting to perk up, there was a ghastly shriek of ranting, followed by the appearance of a figure that declared itself to be the Monotonous Monotheist of the East.

 The poor meerkats dived for cover, and Bonzo belted out the blues.

‘Aah, hah’, it said, ‘you might have silenced my twin from the west, but I am the stronger of the two, and I will wreak rampant revenge upon your sinning souls, ah, hah, hah!’

The MoMo East sprang towards its twin, but MiMo Moby somehow transported an emerald cork hat from the MoMo West onto my bonce. 

MiMo Moby told the MoMo East to Go from here, as it had no power in Meekatharra. 

MoMo East cackled out another rant and repeated the threat before vanishing as quickly as it had appeared.

MiMo Moby said to take care of the hat, as it had magic powers, and could provide protection on the journey I would have to take if I wanted to return to being one within the Greenygrey. 

With that it also vanished, and some semblance of normality again returned to Meekatharra.