The Kimberley Hosts Robin Hood Scenery


After the exciting phone call with Green we felt refreshed, and made good progress across the long desert miles in the morning.  We made it to Broome by lunchtime and had a nice dip in Beagle Bay, before a bbq lunch with our  beagle hosts.  Many were recuperating there after surviving smoking tests, and had the odd wheeze and cough.

After bidding the beagles bonjour Del Boy style, on our way out of Broome we saw a broom seller, and Bonzo said we should buy one, as they were going pretty cheaply, and it might come in handy later. 

Then when we got to Fitzroy Crossing, a bull called Fitzroy blocked our way on a log bridge by waving a staff around.  He said: ‘Nobody can cross Fitzroy in daylight’, and challenged us to a duel.

Bonzo exploded into a tirade that was like something out of an AC/DC back catalogue, screaming that he didn’t have time for Beating Around the Bush with a Cold Hearted Man, and said If You Want Blood You Got It before lobbing the broom at Fitzroy.  The broom flew through the air and hit Fitzroy’s eye with a bullseye, knocking him off the log and into the river below.  Bonzo said it sure was Shoot to Thrill and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap were quite fun.

We crossed the river, and a fair maiden welcomed us at the other side.  She said her name was Kimberley, and this land was named after her.  It was not difficult to see the resemblance, and as we passed into what looked like a kind of enchanted wilderness, the scenery was so nice we might have thought we’d arrived in heaven if we believed in those kinds of things.  It was even greenygrey in places. 

Lennard River


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