BOGOL in the Northern Territory

Knitted chick, hand made in Portugal.

Image via Wikipedia

We crossed into the Northern Territory and made good progress along the outback.  At Timber Creek we met a timber wolf called TW that was backpacking its way across the world, having set out from Canada three years previously.  It was also drawing attention to the scandalous digging for tar sands that is destroying the Canadian wilderness, and tarnishing the Earth.

Knit Me Luck in Nitmiluk

We raced alongside the road trains in the early afternoon, and reached Nitmiluk for tea.

Our arrival seemed to coincide with a rising level of noise emitting from a tavern in the middle of town called One More Before I Croak, so we thought we’d go there for a drink or two.

Five green tree frogs were up on stage croaking up the ante by belting out classic brawk n’ roll tunes under the moniker Kermy’s Kermits

It started to get surprisingly chilly in the evening, so we went out to look for some extra clothing. 

It didn’t take long to find a cheap sheep shop that had a buy one knitted jumper and get one knitted for luck offer. 

It sounded like an interesting variation on the BOGOF theme; more BOGOL; and ideal for me and Bonzo to get one each. 

So we did indeed partake in the offer, and Bonzo got a jumper knitted for luck by a delightful sheep called Siddharta.


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