Humpty Doo and the Quackado in Kakadu


We departed Nitmiluk in the morning, wrapped up in our BOGOL jumpers, and with Bonzo feeling very lucky.  It was a leisurely morning jaunt north to the Kakadu National Park, with the long straight desert road stretching out to the wide blue yonder.

Humpty Doo and the Quack a Darwin Do in Kakadu

Bonzo and I freshened up where the Wildman and Alligator rivers met, as we didn’t fancy meeting either on their own, and thought they’d be too pre-occupied to take any notice of us at their waterfall.

We were just emerging from the water when an extraordinary looking creature arrived on the beach.  It reminded me of Green and my ol’ hero Scooby Doo, but it seemed to have a human body. 

It was accompanied by a duck that couldn’t seem to stop whistling.

The duck approached us and whistled: ‘Hello, I am Darwin, a local whistler duck doctor, and this is my friend, the Humpty Doo, who also lives nearby.  We have just ventured east to Kakadu to look for new species to study.’

I said that I’d never seen such a creature as the Humpty Doo myself, and asked from where it had evolved.

Darwin whistled that he was not entirely sure, as it was ongoing research, but his theory on the origin of species was that it was descended from man in the English civil war and dog from Hollywood cartoon.

I said do you really think so, and he said: ‘I do.’


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