A Day of Goodbyes Before Heading on the Highway to Hell

The Big Boxing Crocodile, Humpty Doo, NT.

Image via Wikipedia

Humpty Doo and the Quackaroo recommended we visit Jabiru, in the centre of Kakadu, so we travelled over there with the two, before saying ‘It was nice to meet you, and see you’.








Katherine and Manbulloo Review if Nitmiluk Too Good to be True

We travelled down through Kakadu, and called in at Nitmiluk. 

After a couple of beers in the One More Before I Croak, which had a hop going on, we saw a poster advertising a crocodile fight at the No Handbags bar.

Water fight it was, with Freshwater Frank beating Saltwater Stan in what could never be described as a toothless tussle.

We called in at the cheap sheep shop afterwards.

A koala called Katherine and a man bull of a bear called Baloo that lived nearby were getting BOGOL jumpers done.  

They thought the deal was too good to be true, but they were reassured after we showed them ours and said we’d had some luck in meeting Darwin and Humpty Doo in Kakadu.

Bon Hears he’s on the Highway to Hell

They said we might need luck if we were heading south, as they’d heard it had become quite hellish out in the outback, but they didn’t know why.

Bonzo seemed to get nervous when he heard that, and later told me a chill went down his spine.  Hearing that made what he did next make sense, because he went and bought another two BOGOL jumpers. 

I asked why, and he said It Ain’t No Fun Waiting Around to be a Millionaire in a Dog Eat Dog world, and they might come in handy on the Highway to Hell.  He pulled his second BOGOL jumper right up to his head, and I think I heard him whisper I’m Up to my Neck in You.  I thought I was back in an AC/DC back catalogue!

We said our goodbyes, smiled at each other, and headed out into the unknown unknowns of the outback.


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