Finding Elle on the Highway to Hell

Photo of Elle Macpherson in Aspen, CO

Image via Wikipedia

We left civilisation behind and headed into the outback.  There was nothing but big wide open space ahead, and red dust kicked up by us was our only company.  We were a red colour ourselves after a little while, and it was as if we had entered a desert hell.

We meet Elle on the Edge of Hell

As we progressed down the highway it was hard to believe that this was the correct way to our destiny, and we, Bonzo and me, began to look at each as if we’d taken a wrong turn.

Then a hunched cloaked figure came into view ahead.  We stopped when we arrived in its proximity, and asked it if everything was alright.

It replied in a quaking scared female voice, saying we should go and leave her; she wasn’t worth bothering about.

Bonzo and I looked at each other, wondering what we could do, and then had a little discussion about it. 

We quickly deciding that we couldn’t leave her all alone out in this harsh hellish desert, so we invited her along.

‘Ell of a Job Persuading Elle away from Hellishness

She refused at first, but we said we weren’t going to leave without her. 

After a few more minutes she said she would join us just so we could escape this place, and continue on our epic journey, but she insisted that we would regret it, and that she would only slow us down and be an eyesore hindrance.


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