Bunyip Shennanigans and Shining Emeralds Go Moby

ABORIGINAL MYTHS. - THE BUNYIP (caption) - pho...

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We continued south, into the baking heat, with no life visible anywhere.  But then we saw another figure in the distance that looked to be moving.  It grew larger as we approached, and in the end we could make it out as a bunyip.

The Bunyip Asks Us to Call a Ball

We stopped at its feet and I asked what a fine example of a bunyip was doing so far away from the nice wet swamps in the arid Australian outback.

It looked at us with mischievous eyes, and ignored my question.

Instead, it invited us to play a game.  It rolled three different coloured balls onto a fold-out table: one was green, one red and another pink. 

It said that if we chose one colour each we’d get a different prize each: the prizes were green dye; a family home and a new body.

Discussion and Deliberation Leads to Decision

The three of us looked at each other, and then got in a huddle.

We said it looked an inviting offer, and I said I’d really like some green dye, to make myself look greenygrey again.

Bonzo said he’d like a ready made family home; somewhere to provide security for him for when he settles down.

Elle said she’d like a new body, as she’d lost all confidence in herself as a person.

So we thought we’d go for it, and decided that the green ball would be the dye, the red the house and the pink the body.

Bunyip Shennanigans Leads to Return of MiMo Moby

So we chose our three balls, but then the bunyip revealed that each prize was the opposite to what we wanted.

I’d won a house, but didn’t need one as I wanted to return back to blighty; Bonzo had won a new body but it was happy to be a scottie, and Elle had won a family house when she didn’t want to live in the desert.

So we started to swap, but then the bunyip intervened, saying there was a forfeit for exchanging the prizes.

The cost for three swaps was a hat. 

We only had the emerald cork hat, which was said to have magic powers, but we hadn’t seen any yet.

So I took the hat off and said shine now you crazy emerald, or forever hold your peace. 

And with that MiMo Moby appeared in the air above us.  He said that was no bunyip, it was the Monotonous Monotheist of the East, and the prizes were things it thought we could not resist.

With that, the bunyip suddenly turned into the MoMo we’d seen at Meekatharra, and let out a blood curdling chant.


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