Alice Springs out of the Desert

Alice Springs Outback Sunset

Image via Wikipedia

MiMo Moby told us to watch after ourselves, and to keep on the straight path.  We faced great danger ahead of us, but we could pull through if we kept it all together.  After that, he shot off into the stratosphere.

We continued south, and it didn’t get much easier for us, as dust storms swirled and the wind howled.

In the west, it looked like hell, with the ghosts of the ancients moaning on crucifixes and burning at stakes.  Massive industrial buildings seemed to contain a mixture of slave human labour and battery animals, all living cramped and degrading lives.

And it was no better in the east, with people looking like they’d been freshly stoned to death or thrown to their deaths.  There was slave labour still going on there, and animals were being cut and drained without anaesthetic.

It wasn’t difficult to keep to the path with all that going on either side of us, but it was also upsetting, so we tried to shut our eyes and pretend it wasn’t going on.

Poor Bonzo was singing Gimme a Bullet to Bite On, while Elle was worried her body wasn’t going to be strong enough to get her through.

We were just about out on our feet, when suddenly a woman sprang out of the red sunset and into the road.  She introduced herself as Alice.


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