Elle uses her body after night in celebrity hostelry

Alice Springs - Northern Territory

Image by Rita Willaert via Flickr

After returning to Earth we spent a couple more days in the red centre before heading south again, after thanking our hosts and bidding them farewell.

Bonzo was thankful for the advert to your right, and their consideration for his needs.

Hugh’s Who in Hugh?

We made good progress down to Hugh, and there was none of the shenanigans that had spoiled our journey north of Alice Springs.

After a twit twoo through Hugh Gorge, we thought we’d have some refreshments in Hugh, although it wasn’t huge, and thought we’d ask a person with a wig on.  We presumed they must be the Hugh judge.

Who’s Who in the Hugh’s Who Bar?

They were very friendly, and suggested we try Hugh’s Who, which was supposed to be where the local celebrities hung out.

The famous and great actor, Heath Goanna, was in there, and he bought us a round of drinks when we reached the bar.  He looked more like Batman than the Joker in real life.

He was drinking with Crocodile Dundee, who bought the next round after having a bit of a rumble with some travelling boxing kangaroos.

They said Hugh Jackman sometimes popped in, but they hadn’t seen him for a few days.

Elle Carries Us to the Bush Telly

It turned into a bit of a heavy night on the ol’ amber nectar, and Bonzo was worse for wear by the end of it. 

I wasn’t much better, and Elle carried us both to a bush telly  they got going on the edge of town.  I can’t remember much, but remember it gave Hugh a nice hue.


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