Knowing Me, Knowing You, Abba is the best I can do

The Ghan

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We woke up a bit worse for wear in the morning; well, at least Bonzo and I did.  We felt a bit better after Elle cooked us up a veggie brekkie on the rekindled bush telly.

Knowing Me, Knowing Hugh, Leaving is Never Easy 

We called in the Hugh’s Who
before leaving Hugh, 
Heath Goanna was in there
having a morning brew.

We joined him for a drink
and  told him we were heading south,
but an anxious look crossed his face
and he put his hand to his mouth. 

The Poetry Must Stop

He thought for a moment, and the suspense was killing us.  He must have sensed that, and said there’s a time for rhyme and a time for straight talking. 

Then he told us that we would have to get past the ghangiant to leave the Northern Territory and cross the border into South Australia.

We had been warned about the ghangiant before by Alice, in the festival wonderland, so a frisson of trepidation ran down my back.

But Heath said we’d be alright if we travelled through the Rainbow Valley, and found Black Footed Rock Wally B, as it had the knowledge needed to traverse the ghangiant, and enter the South. 

Heath said he thought he’d reached the border one time, but it just seemed to go on endlessly, and in the end he had to turn back.


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