Grey’s Dreamtime in the Rainbow Valley


John Bauer's 1913 painting

We waved farewell to the Hughmongers, which rather tired us out, as their numbers were humongous, and thanked Heath for his advice.  Hugh Jackman flew in just as we reached the edge of town, and suggested we leave the same way, but we thought better of it, as he looked a bit smashed.

Things get Colourful in the Rainbow Valley

We soon reached the Rainbow Valley, and it got real colourful there.

Red in the Rainbow Valley

We encountered red rocks at the start of the valley, and it seemed to be populated by red animals: for example, there were red kangaroos, red foxes, red-necked wallabies and red back spiders. 

It was very hot there, and felt like we were on Mars apart from the abundant wildlife, and the river running through it.  We felt no threat as we wandered through, but neither did any animals acknowledge us, or the river entice us to its banks.

Orange in the Rainbow Valley

The red turned to orange after a few miles, and the temperature cooled somewhat.  It reminded me of Halloween, and the autumn/fall.  There did not seem to be any animals in orange, and instead it seemed to be full of fruit and vegetables.

The natural goodies included pumpkins, nectarines, mangoes, carrots, apricots and of course oranges.  But even though they looked delicious, we didn’t feel the desire to devour, and instead continued to hike.

Yellow in the Rainbow Valley

Orange faded to yellow an hour or two later, and it looked like a golden other worldly paradise.  It was as if all the gold in the world was crammed into one small place; as if all the gold on Earth had fallen from space and not been scattered.

But even though the gold looked shiny and beautiful, we didn’t feel the desire to try to extract it, and instead continued our walkabout.

Dreamtime Green Sleep in the Rainbow Valley

Some time later the yellow turned green, as if it had been mixed with blue.  Memories of Green then flooded through me, and feelings of exhilaration soon turned to consternation, as I thought of our current predicament and situation.

I became wearied as I led Elle and Bonzo through the deep and dark vegetation now surrounding us, and after a while I had to suggest a rest break.

I soon fell into a deep sleep, and after waking I had an artist’s impression of our time in Rainbow Valley green prominent in my thoughts.  I also thought I’d dreamt that a leading British  journalist had acknowledged the green and grey as the dominant colours of the island’s landscape.


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