Meditations in Green of Green


My dream in green seemed to continue for an age, and I remembered so much of it I wonder if it really was a dream in green, or more meditations in green.

Meditations in Green to Animals Soundtrack

I thought a lot about Green, and it was as if Green was there in the green of the Rainbow Valley.

I didn’t want to leave the comfort I felt in green, and the way it reminded me of Green, but when I awoke I saw that Bonzo and Elle had been joined by the Animals met in Western Australia, and they had made a clearing, constructed a campsite and were singing We Just Gotta Get Out of this Place again.

Meditation at Big Green Gathering 2006 Festival

Image by gavinandrewstewart via Flickr


I took the hint and rose from my slumber.  Just as I approached the group, the animals seemed to fade away into the ether, singing that it was nice to see me again, but they had only popped in to help me emerge from my meditations, and it was now time to go.

Green with Jealousy

When I approached Bonzo and Elle they smiled, and were very understanding, saying it was nice to see me awake.

I was very grateful for their understanding, but also felt like the green-eyed monster as feelings of jealousy coursed through me, because if others had behaved as I did it might have made me depressed, but ol’ Scottie and Elle were totally serene about it all.

Blue on the Other Side of Green to Yellow

Maybe it was all the green thoughts that had made me think I was the green-eyed monster, and I felt a bit guilty about being green negative, what with my other green half locked up in a dirty stinking cell back in blighty, so my mind joined the others in thinking we had to get outta the place.

We left, and rode the wavelengths of green until eventually seeing blue ridged mountains in the distance.


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