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New Free Poem: Time will make you Wait…


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Time will make you Wait, and never be Late

Tick, tock, tick, tock,
time waits for nobody
even in a state of stagnancy
in an old world strange city.

Crows can fly
redbacks scurry by
if they fought beyond WHY?
which one would die?
It’s a dilemma, my oh my,
could easily induce a cry?

How long does ice take to become meltable?
no, their choice is more  hypothetical
than some real world conundrum
that is scientifically measurable.

We cannot help, or advise,
for our words would become lies
in a land where time waits for no-one
and only flies when it’s having fun.


Fantasy Sport Decisions Decisions

Ledwyche. The Ledwyche Brook. Looking downstre...

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The crows have two wings
talons and beak,
redbacks have eight legs
a nasty streak.
who will win the contest
it is difficult to decide,
could be down to injury
or a contentious offside.
decision is difficult
one more calamity,
for three travellers
living life extremity.

Opal That Escaped the Trade Points Way to Adelaide

Opal :: Locality: Coober Pedy, Coober Pedy - E...

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We travelled west for what seemed like an age,
but it wasn’t like we were trapped in a cage,
the vast distances of the outback  stretched out,
and we were totally free to go walkabout,
but it was also nice to just sit back and relax,
observing stars dancing on water to the max,
as we passed Lake Cadibarrawirracanna,
the second longest official name in Oztralia.

Quorn Lunch at Quorn

After passing Lake Cadibarrawirracanna we headed south.  We avoided Coober Pedy, as it sounded underground and troublesome, and instead headed down to Quorn for lunch.

They dished up some nice non-meat dishes there, such as fillets, sausages and grills.  Wesgrey, Jane and Barkatowt were so full they decided to stay to sleep it off, so we bade them farewell and continued on foot and paw.

Theold Gumtree at The Old Gumtree

We were going to visit Whyalla,
but we asked a few people directions,
and they didn’t seem to have a clear answer.

We were a bit stumped, but then we saw a giant greenygrey looking opal, which must have escaped from the opal trade.  It seemed to be pointing in a direction, so we followed it, and lo and behold we soon arrived in Adelaide.

However, just as we felt our luck was in, a sudden blast of time sent us back to the founding of South Australia at The Old Gum Tree.

A weird-looking game was going on in a field alongside the old gum tree.  It looked like a mixture of Australian rules and cricket.

As we walked around the field we came across a cane toad taking bets on the game, which we saw was between teams of Crows and Redbacks.

When it saw us it introduced itself as Theold Gumtree.  We told it our predicament, and it said that if we could guess the winner of the game we would be able to return to our time.

We got in a huddle
and a bit of a muddle,
trying to work out a preamble
so we could finish our ramble.

South Australia in the Back of a Trailer

up in the air. simpson desert 10

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Black footed Rock Wally B gave us a Marauder t-shirt each before we left, and said it might come in handy in South Australia.

South Australia Sunshine

After exiting the Rainbow Valley we were met by Homer and Marge, and knew we’d reached the Simpson Desert.

We looked back, and saw a Rainbow Rising again.  It had taken a while, but we’d avoided the ghangiant with the help of Heath Goanna, and safely made it to South Australia.

It had been a great experience to be amongst all the colours for an extended period of time, but it was also nice to be outside it again now, and to make out all the colours that make it whole.

Simpson Desert, South Australia

Homer had the jeep with him, so we all jumped in the back.  Marge was in the front, and they hadn’t brought the kids, so there was plenty of room.

It was probably a good job they didn’t bring Santa’s Little Helper, as I don’t know how it’d have got on with Bonzo, who thinks it’s a Dog Eat Dog world.

It was nice to be in the hot dry totally clear sunshine after our time in the Rainbow Valley.  I thought it may be a bit troublesome crossing the Simpson Desert with the Simpsons, but we passed from Birdsville, which was a delight, to Mount Dare, which was a little challenging, without a hitch.

Lake Eyre, South Australia

The Simpsons took us as far as Lake Eyre.  We thought we’d have to make our own way from there, but they’d arranged for some of their friends to pick us up in their trailer.

So we jumped in and had a great time travelling south-west from Lake Eyre.  I really bonded with Wesgrey, a Western Grey Kangaroo; Elle really got on well with Jane, a Lake Eyre Dragon; and Bonzo had a dog’s life with a Barking Owl called Barkatowt.

The landscape even looked greenygrey at times.

Grey, Bonzo and Elle Reach End of Rainbow

purple haze

Image by glenneroo via Flickr

We crossed into the Violet, knowing that this must be the end of the rainbow, and our last chance to meet Wally B.

Violet is Refreshing and Harmonious

We entered a Purple Haze, with Purple Rain refreshing the senses after the clear indigo skies.

The violet seemed to bring harmony to us, and I remembered reading something like that happens in Yin and Yang; it stuck in my mind because I thought it was kinda relevant to me and Green’s co-existence, and the Folding Mirror poetry form.

Electric Guitar Leads Us to Wally B Through Fields of Violets

We heard some great electric guitar sounds lilting over the fields of violets, and thought it might be Jimi Hendrix in the Purple Haze.

So we made our way over in that direction, but when we reached there we found it wasn’t Hendrix at all, but Black Footed Rock Wally B.

Blackfoot Shows Us the Way into South Australia

Black Footed Wally B said: ‘Good Morning, I heard you’ve been Tomcattin‘ from a Reckless Abandoner MarauderOn the Run  Searchin’ through the Dry Country, and Dream On to Fly Away to South Australia.’

Bonzo seemed amazed at Wally B’s knowledge of us, and blurted out ‘Let There Be Rock!’

‘Yes,’ Wally B said, ‘and It’s A Long Way to the Top young Bonzo.’

I told Wally I expected to see MiMo Moby in Blue, and asked why he hadn’t appeared.

Wally explained that the magic of dreamtime in the Rainbow Valley was too strong for the monotheists, even the good ones, and so MiMo Moby could not have made it even if he’d wanted to help.

Wally continued, ‘The way into South Australia is easy now you have reached this far.  I will just play you a Highway Song, and it will lead you to the end of the rainbow and the start of South Australia.’

We thanked Wally and let his Highway Song carry us the rest of the journey.

Indigo Birds are Intuitive

An Indigo Bunting, Passerina cyanea, on a plant.

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We left the land of Blue
without much further ado
I would like to tell you more
but fear it would be a bore.

Indigo Birds on Indigo Mushrooms

We entered the land of Indigo, in one go.

As we walked through a lea meadow filled with indigo plants, two birds flew over our heads and landed on a couple of lactarius indigo mushrooms.  I noticed that both had indigo plumage and three eyes.

One of the birds flung out its wings and chirped: ‘I am an indigo bunting called Ajna, and this is my friend, an indigobird called Chakra VI.  We would like to welcome you to the land of Indigo.  Our friends, we have been watching you pass through, and we hope you have been enjoying the journey.  We believe you are looking for Black Footed Rock Wally B.’

‘Yes, that’s right,’ Elle replied, we were advised of that by Heath Goanna.

Indigo Birds are Intuitive

Chakra VI smiled, before singing to us:  ‘Yes, my friends, we think you are nearing the meeting now.  You will pass through the land of Indigo in peace, but this is not the setting to encounter Wally B.  That is as far as we can see, and please enjoy the rest of your indigo journey.’

With that, both indigo birds flew off into the brilliant sky, as we thanked them, bade them farewell and fantastic flight. 

We continued through Indigo in peace, until we could see violet flowers spreading across the horizon. 

We looked forward to reaching the end of the Rainbow Valley, and our meeting with Wally B.