Grey, Bonzo and Elle Reach End of Rainbow

purple haze

Image by glenneroo via Flickr

We crossed into the Violet, knowing that this must be the end of the rainbow, and our last chance to meet Wally B.

Violet is Refreshing and Harmonious

We entered a Purple Haze, with Purple Rain refreshing the senses after the clear indigo skies.

The violet seemed to bring harmony to us, and I remembered reading something like that happens in Yin and Yang; it stuck in my mind because I thought it was kinda relevant to me and Green’s co-existence, and the Folding Mirror poetry form.

Electric Guitar Leads Us to Wally B Through Fields of Violets

We heard some great electric guitar sounds lilting over the fields of violets, and thought it might be Jimi Hendrix in the Purple Haze.

So we made our way over in that direction, but when we reached there we found it wasn’t Hendrix at all, but Black Footed Rock Wally B.

Blackfoot Shows Us the Way into South Australia

Black Footed Wally B said: ‘Good Morning, I heard you’ve been Tomcattin‘ from a Reckless Abandoner MarauderOn the Run  Searchin’ through the Dry Country, and Dream On to Fly Away to South Australia.’

Bonzo seemed amazed at Wally B’s knowledge of us, and blurted out ‘Let There Be Rock!’

‘Yes,’ Wally B said, ‘and It’s A Long Way to the Top young Bonzo.’

I told Wally I expected to see MiMo Moby in Blue, and asked why he hadn’t appeared.

Wally explained that the magic of dreamtime in the Rainbow Valley was too strong for the monotheists, even the good ones, and so MiMo Moby could not have made it even if he’d wanted to help.

Wally continued, ‘The way into South Australia is easy now you have reached this far.  I will just play you a Highway Song, and it will lead you to the end of the rainbow and the start of South Australia.’

We thanked Wally and let his Highway Song carry us the rest of the journey.


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