South Australia in the Back of a Trailer

up in the air. simpson desert 10

Image by deep_schismic via Flickr

Black footed Rock Wally B gave us a Marauder t-shirt each before we left, and said it might come in handy in South Australia.

South Australia Sunshine

After exiting the Rainbow Valley we were met by Homer and Marge, and knew we’d reached the Simpson Desert.

We looked back, and saw a Rainbow Rising again.  It had taken a while, but we’d avoided the ghangiant with the help of Heath Goanna, and safely made it to South Australia.

It had been a great experience to be amongst all the colours for an extended period of time, but it was also nice to be outside it again now, and to make out all the colours that make it whole.

Simpson Desert, South Australia

Homer had the jeep with him, so we all jumped in the back.  Marge was in the front, and they hadn’t brought the kids, so there was plenty of room.

It was probably a good job they didn’t bring Santa’s Little Helper, as I don’t know how it’d have got on with Bonzo, who thinks it’s a Dog Eat Dog world.

It was nice to be in the hot dry totally clear sunshine after our time in the Rainbow Valley.  I thought it may be a bit troublesome crossing the Simpson Desert with the Simpsons, but we passed from Birdsville, which was a delight, to Mount Dare, which was a little challenging, without a hitch.

Lake Eyre, South Australia

The Simpsons took us as far as Lake Eyre.  We thought we’d have to make our own way from there, but they’d arranged for some of their friends to pick us up in their trailer.

So we jumped in and had a great time travelling south-west from Lake Eyre.  I really bonded with Wesgrey, a Western Grey Kangaroo; Elle really got on well with Jane, a Lake Eyre Dragon; and Bonzo had a dog’s life with a Barking Owl called Barkatowt.

The landscape even looked greenygrey at times.


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