Opal That Escaped the Trade Points Way to Adelaide

Opal :: Locality: Coober Pedy, Coober Pedy - E...

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We travelled west for what seemed like an age,
but it wasn’t like we were trapped in a cage,
the vast distances of the outback  stretched out,
and we were totally free to go walkabout,
but it was also nice to just sit back and relax,
observing stars dancing on water to the max,
as we passed Lake Cadibarrawirracanna,
the second longest official name in Oztralia.

Quorn Lunch at Quorn

After passing Lake Cadibarrawirracanna we headed south.  We avoided Coober Pedy, as it sounded underground and troublesome, and instead headed down to Quorn for lunch.

They dished up some nice non-meat dishes there, such as fillets, sausages and grills.  Wesgrey, Jane and Barkatowt were so full they decided to stay to sleep it off, so we bade them farewell and continued on foot and paw.

Theold Gumtree at The Old Gumtree

We were going to visit Whyalla,
but we asked a few people directions,
and they didn’t seem to have a clear answer.

We were a bit stumped, but then we saw a giant greenygrey looking opal, which must have escaped from the opal trade.  It seemed to be pointing in a direction, so we followed it, and lo and behold we soon arrived in Adelaide.

However, just as we felt our luck was in, a sudden blast of time sent us back to the founding of South Australia at The Old Gum Tree.

A weird-looking game was going on in a field alongside the old gum tree.  It looked like a mixture of Australian rules and cricket.

As we walked around the field we came across a cane toad taking bets on the game, which we saw was between teams of Crows and Redbacks.

When it saw us it introduced itself as Theold Gumtree.  We told it our predicament, and it said that if we could guess the winner of the game we would be able to return to our time.

We got in a huddle
and a bit of a muddle,
trying to work out a preamble
so we could finish our ramble.


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