Second-half of the game is not the same…or lame


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The second-half kicked off and we launched a quick attack on the wing down the wing.  Russell Crow crossed it in, Sheryl Crow knocked it down, and I slotted it in.  It was the dream start, and we were back on track.  There was no time to crow about it though, we had a game to win.

Twenty minutes later Bob Crow pulled another one back with a short snap strike, and the Redbacks were redfaced as well as redbacks.

Crows were back in the game, but it’s a funny old name

But just as everything looked hunky dory
Ted Hughes Crow had to go off with poetry
Jim Crow divided the team like a tidal wave
Brandon Lee Crow tragically sent to early grave
and Charlie Crow had to fly off to trade.

Elle and Bonzo are the Ace and Joker in the Pack

We were now two players short, so I had a word with Bob, and he called a time-out.  I rushed over to Elle and Bonzo, who were already on the edge of their seats.

I quickly taught them the skills of shapeshifting, and they got the hang of it in no time.  Elle Crow and Bonzo Crow joined the fray without delay.

Bonzo made its presence known in no time, with some crunching tackles in the middle of the park.  It was from one of those that it won the ball, and then dribbled it half the pitch before slotting it in past the redback goalie, Redglove.

A Thrilling Finish to the Game

It was 3-3 with ten minutes remaining.  Our timewager didn’t include extra-time, so it was vital we got a winner before the end of the match.

But it was the redbacks that attacked straight from the kick-off, and they quickly spun a web of trickery that saw the ball reach our penalty area as if it was stuck to their feet.

However, our goalie, Crow Nation, flew up to the top corner and not only saved the shot but also gathered it in its wing.  It quickly punted the ball down the field and Elle ran on to it and sent it flying over the stranded Redglove to put us into the lead.

There was hardly time to restart the game, and it was a crow victory by four goals to three; thanks in no small part to us three I must say, thankfully.


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