Kangaroo Island Marsupial Soft Sand

Hog Bay, Penneshaw

Image by owen.j via Flickr

The dust sandy road led us out to Kangaroo Island, which didn’t seem a logical direction, but MiMo Moby had been proved right up until then, so we thought we should continue following his directions.

King Scote on Kangaroo Island is no Tyrant

We were welcomed on the island by a right regal looking kangaroo.  He introduced himself as King Scote, and said that we were his guests, and that we would want for nothing while on the island.  It seemed incredible at the time, but proved to be anything but literary nonsense.

It was the news we wanted to hear after the tough game we’d just had, and we quickly made ourselves at home on the idyllic island.

Little Penguins of Kingscote  take Bonzo in a Boat

Bonzo made a lot of friends amongst the little penguins.  King Scote said they were the smallest penguins in existence, but had big hearts, and were great companions.

Bonzo relished telling them how he’d scored the third goal for the crows, and they had a friendly game after Bonzo had explained the rules.

They then went around the island in a boat.

King  Scote and Elle Provide Time to Ramble

Meanwhile, King Scote seemed to be a tad smitten with Elle, and seemed to want to spend the most time with her.

So I took the opportunity to have a look around the island, and was very impressed with the amount to do on a relatively small island.

I crossed Little Sahara and the Flinders Chase National Park, before spending a bit of relaxation time in the wonderfully colourful and clean Vivonne Bay.

I had a nice chat with a couple of pelicans called Viv and Yvonne there, before they left to get some food.

I dropped off as the night drew in and the lights went on across the bay, and had a wonderful dream that Green would escape from Grand Council captivity, and we would be reunited before long.


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