Paradise Sunrise Wakes Grey to a New Day

vivonne bay

Image by Melosh via Flickr

Waking up in the sunrise haze
put me under an a.m. twilight daze
and I only remember it in poetry
so here’s my V Bay second day story.

Sunrise is Nice Surprise in Paradise

Waking on settled sands
with the sunrise hands
hugging sea and spray
in warmth across Vivonne Bay
I just wanted to lay
there for all the day
before remembering time
Bonzo, Elle and other ‘alf lime.

Meeting Up Again is Ten out of Ten

So I got up slowly
because I still felt lowly
if I’d gone for a swim
and water’d filled to brim
I wouldn’t have felt wholly
because I’ve got a holey
or three in my head
to stop me feeling like lead
girl o boy I ain’t no buoy
sometimes I’m coy or koi
carping on about all things fishy
and telling Green how I miss ye.


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