Grey Meets the Angry Neighbours on Ramsay Street

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I eventually hauled my sun-kissed furry ass
off the sun-soaked golden sandy mattress,
strolling away from my paradise resting place
I wombled along freely to leave no trace.

Meeting the Neighbours and Angry

Leaving the beach, I took one last look before heading into town.  The first road I reached was Ramsay Street.  And there was a wedding going on.

As I walked along minding my own business a resident who introduced himself as Harold said they needed somebody to dull the day somewhat, as it was too bright and sunny.

I said that I’d be happy to oblige.

Grey in the Neighbours Wedding

So I joined the wedding, and added a nice little touch of dullness to balance the light.  Everybody said I did a good job, and the married couple, Charlene and Scott, invited me for drinks afterwards.

I suddenly got talking to a bloke with a rose tattoo there.  He’d suddenly burst into song at the wedding. He suddenly introduced himself as Angry.  I asked why he was called that, and he said that people suddenly started saying he had no mind when he got tattoos.


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