Angry Talks Lyrically with Grey and Agrees to go Away


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Following Angry’s explanation for his name I continued in deep conversation with him at the Neighbours wedding on Ramsay Street.

I asked Angry if he enjoyed living on Ramsay Street.  He said the neighbours were quite nice, but he didn’t really feel like he fitted in that well.  He’d seen a fight between the Butcher and Fast Eddy when he was young, and it had made him into a bit of a rock n’ roll outlaw.

Then he’d become one of the boys, and nice boys don’t rock n’ roll, so he’d been a bad boy for love.

I suggested a remedy to his restlessness: that he could come along and tramp with us, as we were a pretty motley crue, apart from Elle, who was quite fine.

Angry thought it was a bonzer idea.  I misunderstood him at first and said it was my idea not Bonzo’s, but Angry calmly pointed out that bonzer is Aussie slang for great.  I apologised, and put it down to the cultural divide.

We left Ramsay Street to rejoin our travel companions.


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