AB/DC is born

No Bull

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We had a great feast that night, and enjoyed the reunion immensely. Angry seemed to be enjoying himself getting to know us all, and really came out of his shell after a few hours of fun.  He even sang a few songs towards the end of the night.

Night of Celebration

Bonzo accompanied Angry on the bagpipes for one, and Elle danced wildly to the jolly tunes.  Everybody seemed entranced by the music and dancing, and especially King Scote.

Elle later said she’d enjoyed the music very much and that she hoped they would have plenty of time to create more music when we returned to the road, and that Angry and Bonzo could even become a band.

AB/DC is Born

Elle suggested Angry Bonzo / Dandelion Cordial would be a good name, and everybody agreed it was a wonderful choice.

Angry suggested we could call it AB/DC for short, and speaking no bull, everybody thought that was another great idea.

By the end of the night we felt like we were blood brothers and sisters slipping away from the city blues on a once in a lifetime opportunity with nothing to lose.

All the music made me feel quite creative, so I think I’ll end with a little ditty of my own:

With a musical spirit
I thought we’d make it
we had the body and mind
sung our troubles behind
more adventures to come
maybe somebody’s gonna drum.


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