On the Road Again, after leaving Kangaroo Island

Leaving Olbia, leaving Sardinia

Image by 8#X via Flickr

The next morning brought mixed emotions, as we woke with fond memories of the reunion party but also the sad realisation that we would have to leave that day.

Goodbye to King Scote and Kangaroo Island

We had enjoyed a wonderful time on the island, and stayed longer than expected. So we planned on getting an early start and making good progress through the day.

King Scote and all the little penguins were up early for a farewell to friends breakfast buffet on the beach, and it was indeed most enjoyable, eating finely cooked tasty morsels as the sun rose.

But all terrific things must come to an end, and after eating our fill we packed up ready to go.

King Scote said he was sorry to see us leave, and we were welcome back at any time.  He even told Elle that she could be his queen any time she liked.  Elle said she was very flattered and thanked him for his kind words.

The little penguins said it had been great meeting us all, and especially Bonzo, and they would think of him every time they played AusRuIcket.

They waved us off, and the four of us waved back.  The sky seemed to darken around us, while the island was still bright, and we thought that we must have been able to see them after they lost sight of us.  We all hugged each other as they faded into the glow of Kangaroo Island.


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