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Pirates of the Footwear Region: Green Crocodile’s Snappy Style

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I dreamt of Green during the night, and that we were back together once again, as one legendary werewolf.

Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum: Treasure Island Hum

When I awoke I could hear humming, and thought it must be Captain Dec O’ Rum, as the words I could make out were:

Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum’

I remembered going to the premiere of the Treasure Island play as one half of the Greenygrey back at the start of the twentieth century, and it brought back great memories.

Green Crocodile is a Surprise new Captain

I had a surprise when I ascended to the deck though, as ‘Captain Dec’ and ‘Dai on the Seas’ were nowhere to be seen.

Instead, there was a green crocodile navigating the ship.  It was a bit of a shock, but it reminded me of Grey and me for some reason.

So I said good morning, and asked where Dai n’ Dec were.

The green crocodile said they’d sold the boat to it during the night, after we’d gone to bed, and sailed away to the horizon.

Pirate Lacost on Sail

I thought that was a bit strange, as they’d been looking forward to Melbourne before we called it a day.  I didn’t mention that and just introduced myself as Grey.

It shook my hand before climbing onto the sail.

I became even more suspicious of our new captain when it shouted down that its name was Pirate Lacost.


Dionysus of the Seas and Tin Kettle Teas

Map of Tasmanian LGA's feat Flinders

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We sailed up the Bass Strait, hearing a low thumping noise rising out of the waves along the way.  We’d thought there was only Captain Dec O’ Rum on board, but then he called down below deck, doing it with a surprising sense of decorum.

Dionysus of the Seas

A man emerged from below deck with a bottle of wine in his hand, and lots of wenches tattooed on his torso.

‘Hello butty’ he said to Captain Dec, ‘anything I can do for you, like’.

Dec replied that he wanted to introduce him to us, and after telling him our names he told us the wine and women loving salty dog was known as Dai on the Seas.

We shook hands, and then Dai showed us below deck, and we had a bite to eat.

Islands for Afternoon Tea

We stopped for afternoon tea on Cape Barren Island, but it was completely dry.

So we continued north to Tin Kettle Island, where we had a lovely home brewed cup of Aussie Tar.

Little Dog Island is Great Fun for Bonzo

It was getting on a bit, but Bonzo really wanted to visit Little Dog Island, and the Captain said we could spend an hour or two there.

Bonzo thanked the Captain and had a great time there, and we all enjoyed it.  It was a shame we didn’t have enough time to also visit Great Dog Island.

Sailing Through Sister Islands and Out to Sea

We sailed up the east coast of Flinders Island and Elle wanted to check out the Sister Islands as we sailed through.

The Sister Islands Conservation Area was full of sisters, but Elle didn’t recognise any.

I thought it was ironic that I’d just been on islands made green on the map when I am Grey, and I’d just left Tasmania, which was made in grey.  Surreal.

We continued north, and had a merry night singing sea shanties under the southern cross.

Green Beach is Breached with Decorum by Dec O’ Rum

Tasmania from space

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We reached the beach and collapsed on the sand, fatigued from our rapid poetic journey through central Tasmania and shock upon reaching Green Beach.

Green Beach Falls into Ghostly Hush

We’d hoped that Green Beach would be lusciously welcoming, but now it seemed devoid of spirit, and eerily silent.

Waves of lime lapped the silent shore, and we huddled together as warmth waned like the early morning hours after a winter’s wake.

Dec O’ Rum Provides a Lift with some Decorum

Just as it was getting so grim we thought the reaper may appear, we heard a loud voice reach us from across the sea.

‘Ahoy, me hearties’ would you like a lift to the mainland, I’m on my way to Victoria, and I need a few more deck hands on board for the treacherous voyage over stormy seas.’

It seemed like great timing, and we soon made our way out to the boat.  As we boarded we were met by a rum swigging sailor who looked like he was fond of a drink, with the deck full of rum barrels.

However, he still retained a sense of decorum, as he introduced himself as Captain Dec O’ Rum.

Central Tasmania Provided a Painier


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Too Late to Pay Tribute to a Great

Wolfram showed us north
was the sensible way forth
over lakes of Great and Arthur
and across Central Plateau after
through Meander we did stroll
in Mole Creek we saw no troll
Jumpin’ Jack Flash had a gas
with Angry Bonzo in Sassafras
from Beauty Point we did see a peach
Rebecca Fisher enjoying Green Beach
the vision swam gracefully out to sea
rising above waves until she was free.

Beyond the Land of Cheese Wolfram is King

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Bart threw us off at Kempton, and to tell you the truth we were glad to have escaped that ride.  We thanked the horses for the lift, and raced ahead to the north.  We didn’t know it at the time, but I realised Hobart was probably going to be the most southerly point of this journey.

Melton Mowbray is Cheesy Delicious

We stopped for a stilton cheese surprise lunch in Melton Mowbray, with the surprise being that there was only cheese included.  It was very nice though, and we can’t complain, although to call cheese solo a surprise is a bit cheesy.

King Wolfram is a Grey Tonic

The dust sandy road seemed to take on a greyish appearance after Melton Mowbray, and Angry told us it was because Wolfram was king here.

I thought it might be literary nonsense, and was shocked that something grey and wolfish could be king.  I later became flabbergasted when I saw that it could even look good when the sun lit it up.

Angry’s agony auntish information had helped make me feel happy.  My grey hair also brightened up, and one almost became green.

Ho Bart in Hobart is No Art

Tasman Bridge in Hobart

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‘Ho Bart!  How’s it going dude, haven’t seen you for a long time.  Since back in Springfield on the original ramble.’  We’d just arrived in Hobart, and I’d bumped into an old buddy of mine from the epic Greenygrey ramble.  We’d met up with his parents back in the Simpson Desert, but Bart hadn’t been there.

Bart said he’d been doing fine down here in Hobart, and much better than when he visited Australia with his family and caused an international incident. He said his parents had told him we’d met back in the Northern Territory, and they’d enjoyed our reunion.

I was just introducing him to the others when he fired off a catapult at the Tasmanian Tigers team.  They turned around and Bart said it wasn’t him, it was us, and they started to chase us all.

We legged it across the Tasman Bridge, which was looking all greenygrey and reminding me of home, and up to the top of Mount Wellington.

There were some wild horses on the peak, and Angry suggested we jump on and ride like the wind.  So we rounded them up, and after I remembered my shape-shifting skills I changed into a horse and told them our situation.

They agreed to take us as far as Kempton, explaining it was a nice little town twenty-four miles north.  So I changed back into a werewolf and we set off just as the Tassie Tigers team reached the peak.

As we descended through the snow, and left them trailing, Bart shouted ‘Eat My Shorts’ back to them.

They let out a roar before disappearing back into extinction.

Is Taz-mania Tazored Tasmania?

Taz-Mania (video game)

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Taz-mania is a Fantasia

For one week we tasted Tazzy
from the basic to the snazzy
we met Taz’s funtastic family
Hugh, Jean, Jake and Molly
Constance Koala kept us clean
and Dog the Turtle busy as a bean
Didgeri Dingo wasn’t as much fun
and Willie Wombat has a lot to learn
but when it came time for us to leave
Taz had another surprise up his sleeve
presenting us with a ticket to Hobart
which gave our journey a great start.