Dionysus of the Seas and Tin Kettle Teas

Map of Tasmanian LGA's feat Flinders

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We sailed up the Bass Strait, hearing a low thumping noise rising out of the waves along the way.  We’d thought there was only Captain Dec O’ Rum on board, but then he called down below deck, doing it with a surprising sense of decorum.

Dionysus of the Seas

A man emerged from below deck with a bottle of wine in his hand, and lots of wenches tattooed on his torso.

‘Hello butty’ he said to Captain Dec, ‘anything I can do for you, like’.

Dec replied that he wanted to introduce him to us, and after telling him our names he told us the wine and women loving salty dog was known as Dai on the Seas.

We shook hands, and then Dai showed us below deck, and we had a bite to eat.

Islands for Afternoon Tea

We stopped for afternoon tea on Cape Barren Island, but it was completely dry.

So we continued north to Tin Kettle Island, where we had a lovely home brewed cup of Aussie Tar.

Little Dog Island is Great Fun for Bonzo

It was getting on a bit, but Bonzo really wanted to visit Little Dog Island, and the Captain said we could spend an hour or two there.

Bonzo thanked the Captain and had a great time there, and we all enjoyed it.  It was a shame we didn’t have enough time to also visit Great Dog Island.

Sailing Through Sister Islands and Out to Sea

We sailed up the east coast of Flinders Island and Elle wanted to check out the Sister Islands as we sailed through.

The Sister Islands Conservation Area was full of sisters, but Elle didn’t recognise any.

I thought it was ironic that I’d just been on islands made green on the map when I am Grey, and I’d just left Tasmania, which was made in grey.  Surreal.

We continued north, and had a merry night singing sea shanties under the southern cross.


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