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Port Fairy is Magic as Cathy Freeman shows Greenygrey Spirit

Cathy Freeman olympic final 400m Sydney 2000

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As we approached the Port Fairy beach we saw a splashing about in the water, and could just about make out that it was the Monotonous Monotheist and the Mild Monotheist Moby apparently in the last throes of battle.

Ian Thorpe Swims to Save Moby 

It looked as if the Monotonous had the upper hand, and was about to deliver the death-blow, when what looked like a human thorpedo sped through the water and delivered a hit to the Monotonous’s underbelly.

The Monotonous turned and made off into the depths, where it would no doubt lick its wounds and plan another attack on our senses.  This is not literary nonsense, it has happened so many times already on this journey.

Cathy Freeman, Spirit of Sydney 2000 Olympics

The thorpedo helped the MM Moby to the Port Fairy beach, and then we saw what looked like the spirit of Australia‘s 2000 Olympics rush to rescue the dazed Moby; only the spirit wasn’t burning as brightly as it should.

After we’d docked we rushed over to Moby and the spirit.  Moby said it was feeling fine, although it had been a tough battle to try to restrain the Monotonous Monotheist.

The spirit, which we saw was female, also looked tired, having helped out after a battle that was not really anything to do with her, but when the monotheists are at war it unfortunately involves us all.

After the spirit was satisfied that Moby was alright she introduced herself as Cathy.

We would spend the next couple of weeks on the beach, so there was nothing much else to report, and I’ll hopefully have some more news after a fortnight.


Port Fairy Looks Magic from What Could Have Been Tragic

Harbour at Port Fairy - Victoria Australia

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Ten miles up in ocean sky
Green did seem to fly
higher and higher it did go
until I could see it no more
we got back down to work thereafter
sailing the boat north with laughter
oh what joy to be alive on the high seas
four friends living life free as the breeze
when Bonzo shouted land ahoy
the whole boat jumped for joy
and the first town wasn’t scary
because it was greenygrey Port Fairy.

Green and Grey Separate Again Until Another Day

Vera Dua

When we calmed down after all the action and excitement we cooked up a Bass Strait brunch, and discussed the previous day or two’s exciting events.

Bonzo said he’d been asleep and missed all the hullabaloo.  Elle said Angry’d had the idea for her to shoot up and grab the captain around the neck, and it was good to see that Angry was using his mind, and Elle her body.

We all hoped Mild Monotheist Moby would survive the deadly duel with the captain, which was of course really the surviving Monotonous Monotheist.  We wondered if we would see them again on our journey.

After a joyous meal under the big ocean sky, where the rest of our travel entourage got to meet the Greenygrey, we unfortunately announced that we would be parting again.

Blighty needed Green, and we felt that Grey should finish this journey on its own.

It had been a fantastic reunion, and I (Grey) felt reinvigorated for the adventures to come.

Moreover, Green had been able to tell me that the Grand Council had fled to Saturn, and Britain was missing me because of the drought.

We parted again, and Green shape-shifted into an albatross for the long journey back to the Greenygrey world.

We all climbed up to the top of the mast to wave it off and wish it luck, singing Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…’

Green albatross looked back as it reached the horizon, did a roll and tipped its wings, before disappearing from view into the azure.

Battle Below Bass Strait Stretches Sea Credulity

Green kingfisher (Chloroceryle americana) sitt...

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Deeper and deeper we did descends
down in the dark where there is the bends
But the Monotonous Monotheist lost its glare
as a ghostly apparition increased the scare
My fear turned to joy as it became clear
the newcomer was nothing to beware
It was the Mild Monotheist swimming our way
hopefully just in time to save the day
The captain at once lost interest in us
as its nemesis did join the rumpus
And then Elle shot out from belowdeck
and grabbed the captain’s slippery neck
They grappled amidst the ocean ripples
like drunken sailors after too many tipples
And then I couldn’t believe my eyes
as a green kingfisher showed enterprise
By flapping its wings under the captain’s arms
making it lose the upper hand and false charms
Then the two monotheists were together as if in sleep
and the mild dragged the monotonous farther deep
We managed to control the ship’s direction
and navigated it north to the sun’s reflection
And when back on the surface I did jump with joy
as the kingfisher shape-shifted into the real mccoy
It was my other ‘alf Green reunited at last
we hugged so hard to the top of the mast.

Post-Modern Poem Referencing Moby Dick and Pirates of the Caribbean

Illustration of the final chase of Moby-Dick.

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Pirates of the Caribbean meets Moby Dick

A century seemed to neverendingly pass
hurtling upside down through looking-glass
as Pirate Lacost weaved a web of steel
to conceal our motley crue beneath the wheel
then it took the ship into a vertiginous dive
like a honey hunter raiding a queen’s hive
it was looking for something but we knew not what
Captain Ahab hunted Moby Dick so I had a thought
that maybe Pirate Lacost was not what he seemed
but really ‘Monotonous Monotheist’ I screamed
only it emerged in bubbles, sound drowned in fear
and maybe it was a good thing, as panic was not a good idea
but I wondered whether we’d emerge from a Davy Jones’s locker fate
with the captain of our destiny now looking down with soggy seaweed hate.