Post-Modern Poem Referencing Moby Dick and Pirates of the Caribbean

Illustration of the final chase of Moby-Dick.

Image via Wikipedia

Pirates of the Caribbean meets Moby Dick

A century seemed to neverendingly pass
hurtling upside down through looking-glass
as Pirate Lacost weaved a web of steel
to conceal our motley crue beneath the wheel
then it took the ship into a vertiginous dive
like a honey hunter raiding a queen’s hive
it was looking for something but we knew not what
Captain Ahab hunted Moby Dick so I had a thought
that maybe Pirate Lacost was not what he seemed
but really ‘Monotonous Monotheist’ I screamed
only it emerged in bubbles, sound drowned in fear
and maybe it was a good thing, as panic was not a good idea
but I wondered whether we’d emerge from a Davy Jones’s locker fate
with the captain of our destiny now looking down with soggy seaweed hate.


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