Port Fairy is Magic as Cathy Freeman shows Greenygrey Spirit

Cathy Freeman olympic final 400m Sydney 2000

Image via Wikipedia

As we approached the Port Fairy beach we saw a splashing about in the water, and could just about make out that it was the Monotonous Monotheist and the Mild Monotheist Moby apparently in the last throes of battle.

Ian Thorpe Swims to Save Moby 

It looked as if the Monotonous had the upper hand, and was about to deliver the death-blow, when what looked like a human thorpedo sped through the water and delivered a hit to the Monotonous’s underbelly.

The Monotonous turned and made off into the depths, where it would no doubt lick its wounds and plan another attack on our senses.  This is not literary nonsense, it has happened so many times already on this journey.

Cathy Freeman, Spirit of Sydney 2000 Olympics

The thorpedo helped the MM Moby to the Port Fairy beach, and then we saw what looked like the spirit of Australia‘s 2000 Olympics rush to rescue the dazed Moby; only the spirit wasn’t burning as brightly as it should.

After we’d docked we rushed over to Moby and the spirit.  Moby said it was feeling fine, although it had been a tough battle to try to restrain the Monotonous Monotheist.

The spirit, which we saw was female, also looked tired, having helped out after a battle that was not really anything to do with her, but when the monotheists are at war it unfortunately involves us all.

After the spirit was satisfied that Moby was alright she introduced herself as Cathy.

We would spend the next couple of weeks on the beach, so there was nothing much else to report, and I’ll hopefully have some more news after a fortnight.


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