Railroad Song in the Railway Hotel, Castlemaine Beer in Castlemaine

Statue of a miner at Castlemaine, Victoria

Image via Wikipedia

After the confusing meeting with the passer-by we decided we needed a drink to wash down the bubble and squeak, so we headed up to Castlemaine, and chose the Railway Hotel because it reminded us of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Railroad Song.  We ordered six 4Xs for the 5 of us, because Angry wanted two.

The Code

It was a quiet afternoon, and we were a bit frazzled, so after playing a few songs like Railroad Song on the jukebox we just sat back watching a documentary that was on: The Code.

It certainly wasn’t anything like literary nonsense, with the first episode arguing that there were numbers naturally embedded in nature, such as cicadas waking every thirteen years at the best time to mate with their own species and avoid others.

Humans also used numbers to calculate the best way to construct.

The second episode argued the same for shapes, with bees having worked out over their evolution that hexagonal hives were the strongest shapes and required the least energy.

Humans have also used this in their structures.

Colour Code

If they did a code programme on colours I wonder if green and grey would be a top colour combination.

I got to thinking that because, funnily enough, I saw three greenygrey combinations in the second episode, and in totally different settings:

  • the rocks and grass of the Devil’s Causeway, which had many hexagonal stones
  • a computer simulation of fractal mountains and forest
  • the Munich stadium mixed green seating and grass within the grey stand
Did you also notice how the miner photo above has a greenygrey look. Hopefully, Green and I will be back together one day to qualify as another example.
We didn’t overdo the beer this time by the way, and all left the bar compos mentis!

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