Faster Pussycat, Dizzy Reed and the Terminator Liven Up 1980s Ker(r)ang

Faster Pussycat playing at Rocklahoma 2007

Image via Wikipedia

The four of us continued into 1980s Kerang, missing Bonzo, but knowing the journey must continue.

Ale Hail the Denim and Leather

The streets were full of people wearing denim and leather, and there was a colourful mixture of the traditional Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Rainbow with the newer Saxon, Iron Maiden and Def Leppard.

We walked down British Festivals Street, frequenting the Reading Rocks and Monsters of Rock bars, before going down Concert Hall Alley to the Marquee, Gardens and Apollo clubs.

Across Town LA

Then we headed further into town, and the LA district.  As afternoon became evening we found ourselves on Sunset Boulevard.  We were getting peckish, so headed over to the Rainbow Bar and Grill, where a promising band called Faster Pussycat were playing.

We’d just polished off some veggie raindogs, when Bonzo rushed in.  It was great to see him.  He said he was settling in well, but remembered something from when he fainted that might be relevant to us.  He got a drink and joined us.

Bonzo said that during the first faint he’d had a vision of war inside the Greenygrey world I’d told him about, but in the second he’d seen a bright new world emerging.

I wondered what it could mean.  I thanked him for his consideration before he said he had to get Back in Black, and left us once again.

Grunge Terminator Shoots Down the Band 

We had just finished discussing Bonzo’s vision, and were wondering why we hadn’t heard more of Faster Pussycat in rock history when a lone grungeman walked in looking like a man from another time and started shooting down the band.

Then he looked around to where we sitting and took aim at us, but just when we thought we had met our Waterloo, Dizzy Reed suddenly fell into the space between us, and starting shooting at the grungeman.

The grungeman was startled, and that gave Dizzy enough time to get us out the back, and we made good our escape.  I couldn’t wait to find out what the hell was going on!


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