Love/Hate are Wasted, and the Target is Revealed

Songs of Love and Hate (Godflesh album)

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The seasick looking guitarist had just started singing that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks when he got knocked over by a gunshot to the stomach, and then we heard a voice say ‘We don’t want no trash in the future.’

Dizzy looked shocked, and whispered that he thought the Grunginator was out of control, as it was only supposed to hunt Trash Metal bands.  He said we’d better get out of there, so we ran down an alley and into a red room.

Meeting Love/Hate Blacked Out in the Red Room 

A band was Blacked out in the Red Room, which had an American decor, and we recognised them as Love/Hate, who were famous for getting Wasted in America.  We tried to warn them about the Grunginator, but couldn’t awaken them.

We saw a shadow looking ominously like the Grunginator approaching the door, so continued running in the other direction, leaving Love/Hate to their fate.

We heard several shots ring out in the room we’d just left as we rushed down the next corridor.

Love/Hated are Wasted in America, as Target Revealed

As we ran down the corridor I glimpsed a billboard poster on the wall, and it drew my attention because Angry was on it.  It said he was making a special guest appearance with Guns N’ Roses at the Whiskey a Go-Go, and it looked like it was supposed to be happening tonight.

I asked Dizzy if he knew anything about it, and after a few seconds’ thought he said: ‘Of course, that’s it, tonight is the night where Angry inspires the LA Metallers, and propels them into the 1990s.  It’s the Guns N’ Roses and Angry concert that the Grunginator is really after.  We’ve got to escape the Grunginator and get Angry to the concert somehow, or it’ll be all over for Trash Metal.’


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