Doors and Beatles Play Live in the Italian Job

Fire hydrant from the 1970s

The 1970s were before Kerrang started publishing, so it had a surreal psychedelic atmosphere, with a mixture of swirling ghostly backstreets reminiscent of Black Sabbath‘s early albums, and colourful gaudy main streets that exiles from the 1960s would have rolled right into and not noticed a stone left unturned.

Italian Job Doors 

We strolled through the 1970s as if we were California Dreamin’ on a winter’s day, but then a shot rang out, and we saw the Grunginator hot on our tails.

We ducked into a hip looking jive dive by the name of The Italian Job.  The Doors were on stage, playing Strange Days, and I knew how they felt!

Doors to the Beatles

We found a table in the dark shadows, and hoped we ‘d be out of sight if the Grunginator followed us in.  The Doors started playing My Eyes Have Seen You, and made me a little paranoid.  I felt a little better when they ended their set with The Changeling.

The Beatles took the stage after the Doors, and as they started their set with I’ll Get You the Grunginator walked in!


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