Charlie Croker in Italian Job after the Doors

Dyeing dart frog (Dendrobates tinctorius).
Image via Wikipedia

The Grunginator walked up to the bar and talked with a poison dart frog barman with Charlie emblazoned on the front of his t-shirt; both the garment and slogan were in bright illuminous colours commonly associated with PDFs.

At times Croker looked greenygrey,
but I didn’t know,
if that was its real display,
or if it was just for show.

Charlie Croker in the Italian Job

As The Beatles struck the first chords of From Me To You, I could just make out Charlie croking something to the Grunginator, but couldn’t make out what it said.

They continued crok n’ crowing throughout the Beatles set, and right through the Rolling Stones show.  The Stones’ set had several songs I related to in our current predicament, such as 19th Nervous BreakdownEmotional Rescue and Gimme Shelter.

The Grunginator Acts During the Encore

After the Stones finished their set with Let it Bleed the Beatles and Doors joined them on stage for an encore of Rip This Joint.

It seemed to be a trigger for the Grunginator, and it started shooting up the place; soon taking out all the musicians on the stage.

Charlie Croker didn’t seem happy about this at all, and I think the words he shouted afterwards will always haunt me.


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