Surviving the 1970s with the Help of Jimi and Janis

A statue of Jimi Hendrix outside Dimbola Lodge...

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Yes, those words in the Italian Job will always be with me.  Charlie Croker, pdf, bellow-croked: “You were only supposed to blow the Beatles Doors off, I’m quite fond of the Stones!”

Then Charlie the pdf started shooting out poison darts like files, but they were no match for the Grunginator, who simply opened his lid and percolated them.

Getta Bloomin’ Move On Self-Preservation Society

Dizzy shouted at us over the carnage, ‘We’d better getta bloomin’ move on, it’s time for a bit of self-preservation.’

So we took advantage of the pandemonium in the Italian Job to leg it out the back.

Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin Help Us Make it Out of the 1970s

At the end of the street we had trouble making our way through the Crosstown Traffic, until a Wild Thing shouted Hey Joe, and then showed us the way to Freedom All Along the Watchtower.

He said he’d love to join us on our travels, but he was meeting something in the Valley of Neptune.

Then A Woman Left Lonely by Bobby McGee picked us up in a Mercedes-Benz.  She asked where we wanted to go.  Dizzy asked her to drop us off back on the edge of the 1970s.

Grunginator is Alive and Well

After we thanked her and she drove off into Summer we got in a huddle to decide what to do next.

Dizzy said he hoped that Charlie Croker might have got the better of the Grunginator, but then we heard a flurry of gunfire and saw the Grunginator hopping down the street a couple of blocks away.

Grunginator Evolves Through Encounters

Dizzy informed us that the Grunginator was programmed to incorporate any new skills it found.

I had a primary lesson in that a minute later, when a poison dart went whizzing past my left lug.

Back to the 1980s

Dizzy said we’d better skedaddle back to the 1980s pronto.

We were relieved to return to the eighties, even though our futures were still hanging by a grungy doc marten lace.


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