Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone above the Temple of the Dog

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We re-entered the British Quarter but the Grunginator was catching us all the time; its newly discovered hopping technique made it a lot quicker than when it relied on its old robotic percolating.

It was also creating and distributing more poison darts per minute, and one was surely to hit the target; our bonces; before long.

Temple of the Dog Brings Out Mind, Body and Spirit

We were passing the temple of the dog, when Cathy sensed a spirit there.

Angry suggested Dizzy try to reach Andrew Wood, as he had sung about a temple of the dog with Mother Love Bone, and might be able to reason with the Grunginator; it was Angry using his mind well, although Wood did of course become famous in Seattle rather than Britain.

Meanwhile, Elle protected us from the poison darts with her body.

Dizzy Reaches Spirit of Wood with a Keyboard Tune

So Dizzy brought out a portable keyboard, and started playing some Mother Love Bone tunes he thought might tempt the spirit of Wood into our time in Kerrang.

Dizzy started This is Shangri-la, and although it was a great version, there was no movement from the temple of the dog.

But during the latter half of Stardog Champion some mist started swirling out of the temple base.

Then, as Dizzy finished off Man of Golden Words, the spirit of Andrew Wood appeared above the temple of the dog.


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